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« the Glamour » has spent photosession

Representatives of glossy female magazine the Glamour during week-end arrived in our city. A key figure - the English photographer Twisted Vebster. From a management of magazine it has received the task: specially for the project, which working name Night life of the Siberian cities to photograph in Irkutsk beautiful girls.
have chosen four students - Marina Malenkih, Natalia Kendrachuk, Natasha Zabrodinu and Sashu Popovu.
- At first they thought to photograph them in night clubs but as have seen, in what girls have put on, have categorically told that with them will not work, - Irkutsk organizers of a meeting tell.
our little girls, according to the Englishman, were similar to the Chechen widows - have put on black trousers and jackets. Only after them have overpersuaded that students can change clothes in something svetlenkoe, those have agreed on photosession.
Worked not in night club, at hostel restaurant Europe .
- Two hours photographed us, - the marine Small tells. - have forced to put on that in usual life I hardly would put on.
short shorts, high boots - jack boots, a bright jacket and a beads. Brightly, but for a shot as the photographer has told, most that.
- the Brilliant make-up and a calling hairdress - too one of shooting conditions, - Marina continues. - it was difficult, at many it has not appeared neither lipsticks bright, nor jackets, it was necessary on acquaintances and friends to search.
though as a whole impression of work with foreigners the good. The magazine with our girls leaves closer by the summer.
- I have got on photosession absolutely casually, - the head of department on work with corporate clients of night club " tells; a Shambhala Elena PECHERSKY. - Has come to make prompt for advertising on television, and here I was seen by the photographer. He has told that such persons are just necessary to them and has invited me to portrait shooting. To work with a film crew it was very pleasant, it was felt that professionals who understand a fashion work.

Yana postnikova