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Where grooms it is better?

thousand Russians annually leave the country in searches “ the overseas prince “. How there are abroad their destinies? Where grooms it is better? What dangers trap our brides? To these and other questions during time online - to conference on a site has responded the senior research assistant of Institute of psychology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the author of the book “ Temptation of emigration “ Olga MAHOVSKY (the full text read on http:// www.)

Russian wives are obstinate and insatiable

Natalia: - has married the Frenchman one year ago. Has found a constant, though and not God knows what work. But has understood that has made the wrong choice the husband. Has not divorced yet, but I want to find other man. With what to begin?

Olga MAHOVSKY: It is very good that you have a work. Means, there is a chance to begin independent life, without changing from the husband to the husband. I to you would advise to be engaged in the education and career... It is dangerous to stake only on a marriage. After all and second marriage collapses very often. A misfortune of our women that they hardly manage to build normal relations with the husband - the foreigner. To a marriage our girls behave obeyingly, agree everything, and after show the obstinate character and neutolimost desires. Here on what husbands - foreigners …

Eâà complain: - Two years ago you named the average Russian marrying abroad, “ a provincial chicken “. Tell, how the type of the women marrying foreigners has changed?

Island M: - More and more the Russian girls, aspiring to marry abroad, understand that in the beginning it is necessary to get education and work, to adapt in another`s country, and then already to marry. They do not shout about the problems, do not get on pages of newspapers. And consequently are not visible. Alas, but the person of the Russian female emigration they, and all define yet the same “ unfortunate provincials “ which want to shift completely cargo of the problems on the spouse … And on a broader scale our woman becomes more skilled every year and it is cleverer. The new generation of girls which look with hope and of compatriots has grown. Judging by polls, they search among them for the man with higher education, soft, thrifty character and good work. Me pleases that these girls do not grieve about a strong hand and a wide back...

Lyudmila: - Why you the subject of the international marriages if you live in the homeland interests?

Island M: - I the expert in children`s psychology, and in emigrant stories me interests position and destiny of the child. But children depend on the mums. When I have begun the researches has been shaken by how our young mums is freaky behave, doing by hostages of wedded adventures of the kids. Loud stories of divorces is only top of an iceberg of heavy divorce cases in which children suffer affliction first of all. Our women behave furiously in courts, remembering the Soviet practice to leave the child after divorce at mum. Their position: I am a mother, and I know that it is better for my child. The court looks, a leah can - to provide the woman the immigrant normal existence, education and education to the child, a leah a leah conducts it itself is made and ready to support good relations with the former spouse. Besides, the court is very expensive enterprise. Russians lose psychologically, legally and financially. And more often children remain with fathers - foreigners. Such prospect will be saved, I think, as early as years ten.

the European - it is good! And the Turk - is even better?

Evgenie: - Good afternoon! Me calls easy bewilderment expression “ the husband - the foreigner “. Explain, in what their difference from “ husbands - fellow countrymen “.

island M: - Actually between and another`s it is a lot of distinctions. For example, at Russian it is not accepted to talk in bed, and in the West men are very sociable … At Moslems, perhaps, more similarities to Russians. They too like to dominate in a family and to be unconditional authorities. But drink less. From Primorski Krai men - Chineses very are pleasant to our women. Today at the Russian a wide choice, and it shows remarkable appetite.

Ket: - to All I advise to marry foreigners, but only for Europeans (Turkey is not Europe)!

Island M: - For certain there will be the Russian woman who has married a Turk who will confirm the return. And on - to the it will be right. At many the Turk in our country is the business and desire to establish a family with the beautiful white Russian. Under my data, many of them prefer to remain in Russia. Also it is the most good for the woman a variant: houses it is more protected. Fears call holiday romances. Now many ladies on resorts of Egypt and Turkey absolutely lose a head and become victims of gigolos.

Òaíÿ: - how to react to causticities of friends of the husband - the foreigner? These eternal hints that it me “ has written out “ from Russia... Thus that at me here successful career!

Island M: - Causticities conceive easy. Most likely, it is signals of your success. I think, upon all makes impression that the Russian has arrived and for some years has promoted! Danger in your situation I see in other. Husbands - foreigners worry often from - that took the unfortunate, exhausted woman under protection, and she instead of eternally giving thanks to him for rescue, has had a rest, has made toilet and has gone “ to plough “. And in some years and the husband has overtaken … So if you would like to grow and develop, but thus to save marriage, try not to wound self-esteem of the husband - the foreigner. Do not show once again the achievements and do not forget to give thanks to him (at least on feasts) that it has helped you to rise on feet.

Olga: - All my friends envy that my husband - the Australian because men in Russia are already translated. Girls, leave. Search to last drop of sweat. Getting acquainted on the Internet, it is necessary “ to process “ so much human characters! Sometimes there are errors: the Internet is such dustbin... But rummage - and eventually will find the diamond. Certainly, to foreigners too there are unsuccessful marriages, but at those who leaves prepared (language, education, monetary stocks), usually all develops well.

Island M: - It is ready to subscribe that at the woman who carefully concerns a partner choice, it is ready to troubles of the international marriages, studies language and laws of that country where leaves, much more chances of success, than at those who goes at random.

Nata: - a leah Is true love?

Island M: - Is, but it not always the international.

Be protected sexual guest performers

Elena: - Heard that on any site is “ the black list of grooms - foreigners “ …

Island M: - All I send for this site: antidate. org. It something like the public female organisation. In it “ the black list “ those foreigners who regularly go " join; to hunt “ on Russian women. Or it is sexual guest performers, whose voyages do not come to an end with a marriage. Or the grooms who have already soiled by ugly wedded stories.

Marina: - Has got acquainted through the Internet with the man from Switzerland. In a month of correspondence he has invited me to itself(himself). I have agreed. But I am afraid to be mistaken. Prompt, on what first of all it is necessary to pay attention?

Island M: - the Principle should be such: you look for peace - prepare for war. It is necessary to learn, what in this country legal practice of reception of citizenship, divorces and “ a sharing “ children in case of divorce and also to take an interest in laws which protect the rights of women - foreigners. Be not afraid to ask questions, and not only to the potential husband, but also its environment. The received information will help you to estimate a situation. But do not forget that you most will need to study and work. It is unique way not to get to a complete dependence from the husband - the foreigner.

not the traitor: - As it is frequent traitresses of the Native land the merited penalty comprehends: in America to the address specified to it there is a brothel and they are attached to work in it?

island M: - it is frequent enough, that the American congress annually undertook measures under the prevention of illegal import of girls - slaves. This phenomenon has a name: trafficking, or on - russki - human trafic. According to the Ministry of Justice of the USA, for first ten years after reorganisation in the USA have driven 150 thousand Russian brides. Not smaller quantity have driven on other types of visas - guest, tourist, working. This stream accrues. Girls, be careful!

Natasha: - Why employees of marriage agencies do not prepare the clients for life in another`s country, do not warn about dangers?

Island M: - In Russia today there is no law which would regulate work of marriage agencies. The first country which has passed such law, - the USA. According to it wedded agents should demand from men - grooms of the inquiry about their mental health, the previous marriages and the reasons of divorces, and also criminal history. As a push for definitive acceptance of such law in the USA Anastasii Solovevoj the history of murder has served in Seattle. 20 - the summer girl has married for 40 - the summer American who has already been accused of violence over the previous Russian wife. The girl did not know about it. I think that the same requirements on informing of clients should be shown and to Russian marriage agencies. For today of their hundred. It is huge, nobody the controllable industry which incomes are comparable to incomes of drug dealers. The wedded agent in Russia does not bear any responsibility for destiny of the client. To it the main thing - to reduce the woman with the foreigner and to receive for it money. That is, as a matter of fact, it carries out a role of the souteneur …


- As you, Marja Ivanovna, the merited milkmaid, the manufacture leading article, and became suddenly the currency prostitute?
- well I can tell, babonki... Has carried...

the BLITZ - a leah INTERVIEW

It is necessary to struggle with export of Russian brides?

Katya LEL, the singer:

- If the woman marries the foreigner for love as it is possible for it to disturb?! For favourite though on the world`s end! And if it moves only desire to leave country is a delirium. Very much a daredevil act. We here - that cannot protect the rights, and there and for a long time are necessary to nobody! But any measures of women you will not stop. It is just necessary to nurture girls so that they aspired to self-realisation, became persons. In the country of success too it is possible to achieve! And those who searches easy ways, very much are mistaken. It seems to them: here I will leave for the foreigner, I will go abroad - and all problems will come to an end. And they only begin …

Lolita, the singer, the TV presenter:

- Our women moves normal desire to arrange private life. And I for that they searched and found the happiness all over the world - let to it it will be good, at least and with the Papuan. Only it is necessary laws the nobility to avoid troubles. For example, in France in documents on the child in the column “ the father “ It is better to have a crossed out section then at divorce the child precisely remains with mother.

Alexey MITROFANOV, the deputy of the State Duma:

- Interdictions and sticks we will achieve nothing. Only belief and spice-cakes! It is necessary to tell more often, our women face what problems abroad. To show, what not all there is smeared by honey. And that young maids think that there all muzhiks - Tomy Cruises and DiKaprio!
And still that our women have ceased to be torn in marriage for foreigners, it is necessary to adjust life in Russia. As soon as we begin to live better - all will tumble down to us. Look: hohlushki already here! All reach strong and rich.
and on a broader scale it is necessary to understand that we live in the global world and the international marriages are an inevitability.