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That will construct instead of « houses standing »

      to Stand to the main Irkutsk long-term construction remains no more year. In a city administration have already definitively decided to take down the house standing and to construct on its place a new building. Yesterday this decision was supported also by Irkutsk deputies.
      what building will construct on a place taken down while nobody knows. Still the project was not developed at all. But it is already known that in it will be. To a new building will transfer the committees of the mayoralty scattered now across all Irkutsk, will make a spacious hall for municipal duma session. So, speak in the mayoralty, two hares one shot we will kill. And people will not need to go in the different ends of a city behind inquiries, and the centre of Irkutsk becomes krashe.
      Building houses standing has begun in 70 - h years. In the beginning 80 - h it have frozen. As speak in the mayoralty, guilty there were Olympic Games in Moscow. All forces went there, and money for building of the unique house in Russia in style neobrutalizm has not appeared. Then in a house design have found defects, and it was found out later that it any more does not correspond to modern standards of security. And on a broader scale to construct new is cheaper, than to restore this.
      - I consider that the broken cup, let even from expensive porcelain, it is impossible to stick together, - mayor Vladimir YAKUBOVSKY has commented on the decision of administration. - but the project houses standing at us is, and if somebody wants to construct same in other place, we will be only for.

      FIGURE of DAY

      450 million roubles is required on building of a new building on a place houses standing . In administration plans to increase the area of a building from 4 thousand square metres to 10 - 12 thousand. Only to take down a structure, it is required 10 million roubles.