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In military units have created parental committees

      Now parents can constantly stay with soldiers

      In all parts of the Siberian military district parental committees are created. Such is the decree of the Minister of Defence. Without any problems parents of military men of involuntary service can arrive to sons at any time and check up conditions of an army life. They also can call the commander of a part or a regiment and to discuss with it problems of the child.
      - certainly, this innovation does not cancel military discipline, - the assistant to the military commissioner of area on educational work Alexander ZENIN speaks. - the army remains army. But visits of mums, probably, will help to solve problems of adaptation of young men to our, rigid enough, to requirements.
      one hitch: to go to a part to mothers it is necessary from apart. Military men have no right to send the recruit on service more close, than for 300 kilometres from the house. An exception - the parts of internal troops submitting to the Ministry of Defence. 60 % of recruits from Irkutsk go to minister regarding SibVO, the others go to Ural Mountains, the Far East, to the European part of Russia. To reach there long and expensively.
      - for work coordination groups of active workers of those mothers and the fathers to which sons all - taki has had the luck to minister near to the house are created. It is possible after uchebki. They are helped by committee-men of soldier`s mothers, - the co-ordinator of parental committee speaks at a regional military registration and enlistment office Tamara BABKINA. - They from other regions call also to us, and in a part.
      right after the decree of the Minister of Defence, the first have created parental committee of mother of military men of the Oeksky part.

      WHERE to be converted

      Parental committee of a regional military registration and enlistment office (Irkutsk garrison) - (3952 20 - 39 - 01.
      Parental committee in/ ch 30729 (Pure Keys) - (39510 7 - 02 - 15.
      Parental committee in/ ch 6531 (Irkutsk, VV the Ministry of Internal Affairs) - (3952 34 - 94 - 51.
      Parental committee IVVAIU (3952 54 - 46 - 10.
      Parental committee in/ ch 51870 (Oek) - 3952) 69 - 34 - 60.

      ON the NOTE

      Three pluses of parental committees

      * Parents can communicate with soldiers and their commanders.
      * they have the right to check conditions of a soldier`s life personally.
      * their help facilitates a life of soldiers.

      And four minuses

      * Parents not in a status really to influence a service course.
      * many from apart cannot come to sons.
      * on special position there will be what parents more provided and influential people.
      * a material inequality of soldiers and indulgence at whom parents nearby, demoralises army.