Rus News Journal

Session VS of Tatarstan

the Constitution Project causes hot discussions

As already informed in yesterday`s number, deputies of parliament of Tatarstan
discuss the project of the new Constitution of republic at session. In session work
take part vice-president VS of Russia Yury Jarov and
the responsible secretary of the Constitutional commission Oleg Rumjantsev, arrived in
Kazan for continuation of negotiations about the conclusion interstate

Under messages from Kazan, atmosphere of deputy hearings constantly
is warmed up by requirements of parliamentary opposition (the deputy block
Tatarstan ) About an exit of republic from structure of Russia. On the other hand, members
parliamentary groups Democracy and the Consent declare necessity
statements at session of such text of the Constitution which would fix
an autonomy of Tatarstan as a part of federation.
the course of negotiations of the Russian delegation about the conclusion interstate
the contracts, connected directly with discussion of the text of the Constitution at session,
also on - to a miscellaneous is interpreted in the deputy environment. The leader Vsetatarsky
the public centre deputy Marat Muljukov believes that arrival of Jarova and
to Rumjantseva to Kazan except negotiating urged to prevent acceptance
the republic Constitution.
as it became known to the correspondent, Muljukov ostensibly has record
Yury Jarova`s performances before members of deputy groups the Consent and
Democracy In which the visitor from Moscow gives instructions how to torpedo
process of acceptance of the Organic law. Some independent observers too
notice that activity of the Russian delegation in Kazan is valid
is directed on fastening of the subordinated position of republic. However, on them
to opinion, hardly high representatives Russian VS will object on
to session against Constitution acceptance basically.
in connection with heated conditions at session debate about Constitution acceptance
republics, according to experts, will be long. On an outcome deputy
hearings will inform in number from November, 3rd.