Rus News Journal

Fire at the underground Vojkovsky

Autospare parts could blow up

on October, 28th in 22. 15 at the underground Vojkovsky has lighted up small commercial
shop Autospare parts belonging to firm the Harmony . At a fire the worker
firms was lost. Surrounding structures have not suffered.

Operative suppression of fire has been complicated by the steel shutters locked from within
and doors. Only later 10 minutes brandmejstery have managed to liquidate a flame. In
a course of suppression firemen have taken out from tent a body 30 - the summer employee
Autospare parts Andrey Stelina. Some time at it it was still probed
pulse, however attempts to rescue it have appeared ineffectual.
Under the version of firemen, falling on a shop floor,
poured by lubricating oil, an ordinary candle (the electric power in this
the moment has been disconnected) became the ignition reason.
In shop as canisters with gasoline and others combustible
materials were found out, stored. According to firemen if not they, after a while
there would be a powerful explosion which could injure passers-by and causes the damage
to nearby co-operative stalls.