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New Economic Council

Arcady Volsky has headed one more organisation

on October, 29th in Moscow board meeting of directors - founders from the countries of Commonwealth of Council on trading - to economic cooperation between the CIS and the USA (STES) has taken place. This new structure has come in the stead American - Soviet trading - to the economic union (ASTES). The president of the Union of industrialists and businessmen of Russia, co-chairman ASTES Arcady Volsky has taken part In session. Late at night it has been selected by the chairman of the board of the new organisation.

Created in 1973 ASTES included more than 350 American corporations. Last years into council also entered about 400 Soviet enterprises. Legally ASTES was the American corporation which is carrying out the activity on the basis of laws of state of New York without the right of extraction of profit. From the Soviet party recently at the head of council there was Arcady Volsky - at that time the president Scientifically - the industrial union.

one week ago the American members ASTES have received letters g - on Volsky and trustee ASTES g - on Alekseeva containing the offers on reorganisation of council in the conditions of the changed political climate and a situation in the market. Last days more than ten American companies, including AVACOM, ADM and American Hondas, have confirmed the membership in reorganizuemom council.
actually ASTES it is transformed to the flexible, dynamical and effective structure which is as much as possible equitable to interests of concrete manufacturers of the goods and services in the countries of Commonwealth and the USA. From the American side will operate American - the Russian business council - the lobbist organisation representing in Washington interests of the American companies, operating on the Russian market. In the CIS Council on trading - to the economic cooperation, operating as the noncommercial organisation is created.
yesterday late at night it became known that the chairman of the board of new council selects Arcady Volsky.