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Service of the people

Foreign firms expand the activity in Russia. Coca - Cola, for example, n
  service of the people

Foreign firms expand the activity in Russia. Coca - Cola, for example, recently has opened four new factories - in Vladivostok, Krasnoyarsk, Nizhni Novgorod and Rostov-on-Don. Accordingly, more and more our citizens become employees of foreign firms. And if you get a job in the foreign company, you should get used to its rules. And strictly to carry out them.

Many Russian citizens dream of work in foreign firms. It is considered that there pay more, concern employees is better. Work in the foreign company associates with beautiful foreign life. Recently personnel agency Empire of shots has asked 125 candidates, in what foreign firms they would like to work. 53 % have preferred the American companies, 21 % - West European (in this group the English companies, then firms of Benelux countries, Germany, Italy and France were in the lead). For 26 % of respondents a nationality no foreign firms of value had. Thus the direct desire to work in Japanese or other east firm was expressed by anybody.
many Russian citizens already have experience in foreign firms. But not always the successful. As not everyone is ready to follow traditions and the rules existing in the foreign companies (in language of personnel advisers these traditions are called as corporate culture). But if you intend to work in foreign firm, it is necessary to follow rules.
In corporate culture of the different foreign companies there are the common features, at the same time each firm has the specific features - since ways of selection of the personnel and finishing intrafirm traditions. Which in many respects depend on a company national identity.
however, about all one after another. Also we will begin with the beginning.

be not late
the British, German and American firms prefer to select the personnel through rekrutingovye agencies, announcements of vacancies in newspapers or lead selection of applicants - on the basis of sent resumes. To be arranged through familiar or relatives to you it will be uneasy. For example, in company Rank Xerox, where, according to the manager on development of the personnel and Igor Barsukova`s shots, tone is set by Englishmen Relatives of employees for work try not to accept at all. But it is not necessary to neglect personal references. According to agency research Contact 37 % of the French, 49 % of the Swiss and 73 % of the Italian firms pay attention to them.
all foreigners without an exception approach to the procedure of selection of employees very carefully. So, in German company Kraft you should pass three, and in the American firm 3 - six (!) The interviews, one of them - with the head of the Moscow office. Certainly, about that to be late for interview, cannot be and speeches. If in the Russian firm from - for such oversights about you there will be not absolutely favorable opinion, but you can correct it in the course of conversation in foreign, most likely, with you after that to speak at all do not become. The head rekrutingovoj firms Preng and Associates Rustam Barnohodzhaev has remembered a case when its candidate was late for interview in the English company for five minutes. After that British have at all refused to meet the applicant, at all without having taken an interest in the delay reasons.
requirements to candidates at foreigners are standard: higher education, a foreign language and, as a rule, experience. According to agency Contact The knowledge of language is the main requirement for 53 % of the Swiss and 43 % of the Italian companies (and 38 % of Italians demand from candidates of knowledge of Italian, 35 % - English language). For 72 % of the French firms the core - experience. And here the international auditor firms (for example, Ernst and Young) quite often take for work of people without experience, directly from a student`s bench. And one more important condition. The foreign companies make quite certain demands to psychological type of the employee.
Tatyana Zajtseva, the adviser for human resource management and selection of the managerial personnel: the aggressive policy in a market gain is peculiar to the Majority of the American companies, therefore they select very efficient and resolute employees. In this sense most, perhaps, expressed Americans - Chase Manhattan Bank, telecommunication company US West and some other. Melancholiacs and phlegmatic persons hardly there will get.
By the way, for Americans very important desire of the candidate to work in their company. According to Elena Fadeevoj, the head of department on work with the company personnel 3, in its practice there was a case when the applicant who was not possessing the necessary qualification, has shown such hot desire to work in 3 that it should take. And then were not sorry.
Germans treat similar eagerness more coldly. for us professionalism is more important - on naked enthusiasm far will not leave - Dmitry Kuprijanov, the head of service of firm personnel Kraft speaks. The serious and pedantic type of the employee is more preferable To Germans. And also economical. In one German consulting firm, for example, have published the order according to which workers should use for draught records not a white paper, and the back of unnecessary documents and faxes...
Frenchmen and Italians differ sociability and softness. According to Olga Kasatkinoj, the assistant to the manager on company L public relations ` Oreal, for their company the main thing that the person was dynamical and was able to work in collective. And Japanese and other east companies appreciate fidelity to firm, controllability, absence of conflict, a collectivism - it is natural, in addition to professionalism. For work at Japanese each Russian is adapted far not. the prison and a fascist mode - with such words Russian run from east companies - tells Rustam Barnohodzhaev.

Observe a distance
Concrete requirements to psychological type of the future employees not a whim of foreign firms. After all on a warehouse of your person depends, whether you can get on with colleagues and the heads.
in the American companies, for example, it is very developed so-called team spirit - spirit of a command. It is expressed even that heads and subordinates sit in one room at the next tables (as in Hewlett Packard or Coca - Cola, for example). Thus, the distance between chiefs and subordinates is minimum. It is possible to pat easily the general director shoulder and to ask it, as affairs. But a smile in 32 teeth and vigour are only external displays of the American corporate culture. Without knowing the Americans, many believe that they encourage any initiative. However it not absolutely so.
Tatyana Zajtseva: In the American firms it is necessary not only to offer idea, but also to realise it. I know experts who took off with a crash from several firms successively because constantly offered that one another, but any efforts for realisation did not put.
at Americans at all their democratic character it is not accepted to solve questions through a head of the immediate superior. The same concerns also Englishmen. And in German firms on reception to the chief to you, probably, it is necessary to register in advance. To address to the chief - to the German quite often follows not only on a name and a surname, but also with the name of its post.
usually foreign firms cultivate the valid relation not only to the heads, but also to all colleagues. In one English firm operates a policy of compulsion : you should help the colleague if that addresses with any request. And after a while to take an interest, as there are its affairs.
however in some foreign firms it is not accepted to show heightened interest to problems of employees. Americans as fire are afraid of charges in sexual harassments. Frenchmen also try to use the charms anywhere, only not on work. In L ` Oreal marriages between employees, for example, are not welcomed. It is considered that it disturbs to company business.
From all foreign firms, perhaps, only Italians concern women as real men - kiss handles and pay compliments. By words rekruterov, tekuchki in the Italian companies it is few, at least among women.
but, despite visible goodwill in relations between workers of the foreign firms, many Russian employees complain of the scornful relation to them from foreigners. Olga Kasatkin, L ` Oreal: I worked in other French company earlier, but have sustained there only four months. The salary to us paid scanty, and to Russian in general concerned haughtily, as people of the second grade. I will tell more: had dinner separately - Russian went to a dining room, and Frenchmen in restaurant.

Put on under the form
Life of many foreign firms, as a rule, it is accurately regulated. In this sense the day off - in the American companies. The main thing that you carried out the problems put before you, and during what time you will do it - not very well. In Rank Xerox employees can come for work in target (for it in it pay overtime). And here Germans, for example, do not love, when employees sit up late, - in their opinion, it means that they do not cope with loading.
concerning appearance of employees too there are certain rules. Japanese prefer a strict official style - a dark suit, a white shirt. In the American firms even in the summer in a heat you will not see anybody in a shirt with a short sleeve and without a tie. According to the director of one personnel agency, in the American companies people as though lower in vinegar, soak properly and smooth under one comb .
Germans are less exacting. Dmitry Kuprijanov: In our company business - style in clothes when it is not too necessary is not required observance. If the bookkeeper has got used to carry a warm knitted jacket with spangles, let to itself carries.
however it, of course, at all does not mean that you can be for work in jeans and a T-shirt.

Consider not only money
In different foreign firms pays on - to a miscellaneous. For example, your salary in the foreign company in many respects depends on how for a long time it has entered the market. The firm - the beginner in the Russian market is interested in attraction of professionals and is ready to pay in it the big money. But through 3 - 5 years of work in Russia foreign firms, as a rule, brake growth of salaries.
thus if in the Russian firms the basic part of a compensatory package (income) of employees is made by the salary, in foreign - various bonuses and social privileges. The big compensatory packages - in the American companies. Employees, except the salary, quite often receive free dinners, official cars and medical insurances (it is frequent - and for members of a family). And sometimes - credits for habitation acquisition. In the company 3 salaries at level of 75 % from maximum market, for example, pay, but the program of crediting of habitation is accessible to many employees.
in Rank Xerox, on the contrary, loans on habitation almost do not give. the company cannot freeze such big means - Igor Barsukov explains. However, if there will be something extraordinary - for example, at the employee the apartment will burn down, - to it can give the interest-free credit for acquisition of the new. Salaries in Rank Xerox are corrected two times a year - according to an inflation index. But employees of times in a year receive 2,5 million roubles from fund of social insurance and one thousand dollars in case of a birth in a family of the child.
it is not excluded that, working on Japanese or Frenchmen, you will get wages on 20 - 30 % less srednerynochnoj. The director of one rekrutingovogo agencies so has responded about Frenchmen: They are gallant and affable, as hussars. But when business reaches money, hussars turn to colonels who press close from - behind everyone copecks . Valentina R, the manager of hotel Sofitel, received only 500 dollars. When it has started conversation with a management about salary increase, everything that to it have offered, - a bonus following the results of a year. At a rate of 100 dollars.
However, in company L ` Oreal at performance of the plan for 100 % you can receive the award at a rate of the salary. But all - taki if you are arranged in the French or Japanese company, acquire once and for all, what not in money happiness.
Germans pay not so much (perhaps, only average and higher managers well receive). Dmitry Kuprijanov, Kraft: Our key managers hardly will entice for higher salary. And in general the size of payments can be discussed with the manager on the personnel - instead of a part of money to receive, for example, the medical insurance.

do career
Several years ago the foreign companies reluctantly advanced the Russian employees on an office ladder. Now the situation in a root changes: in the majority of foreign firms there is a process of replacement of foreign employees on Russians. Our experts know the local market is better, besides, they manage to employers approximately twice more cheaply foreigners - they should not pay travellers and to rent apartments.
many foreign companies put up money in training of the Russian personnel. At Americans conversion training is a part of a compensatory package. For example, in company Johnson and Johnson salaries more low, than at competitors, but employees pass 4 - 5 serious trainings in a year and even study under programs MVA (Master of Business Administration) at the expense of the company. The same it is possible to tell about Procter and Gamble and Ernst and Young which with pleasure type graduates and students, train them and in every possible way encourage their career growth.
Elena Fadeeva: Employing somebody, we should expect that this person can do in some years. For example, now at us the direction " opens; the goods for the house . Looking for the candidate, we count that through two - three years it will be the leader of this department.
the Russian employees of Japanese firms too have an opportunity to study - and not only in Russia. Some workers - physicists of representation of Mitsubishi Electric have left for two-year study to Japan. However unlike Americans and Englishmen the Japanese and German companies in Russia reluctantly advance local managers. At the head of the Russian offices Siemens, Hoechst, Schindler, etc. there are basically Germans. Though, of course, and from this rule there are exceptions - so, the Moscow office of company Kraft is headed by the Russian.
in some French firms large appointments are co-ordinated from France. Representatives of head office quite often come to Russia on interview to applicants. However at ordinary employees of the French firms quite good career prospects. The director of sales L ` Oreal across Russia began the commercial representative. The director for marketing - the manager on a product. And the head of financial service worked as the financial controller earlier.

do not come off collective
to be in good repute in foreign firm, it is not enough prihodit for work in time to put on under the standard and to give all the best to the full extent. The firm should be loved.
in one Japanese electrotechnical firm all employees (including Russian) before work go on the general construction and sing a hymn to parent firm. In Japanese language. And in other east company all employing should throw every morning in a special recycle bin the boards broken in the street and posters of competitors.
Americans put many money in firm and national symbolics. For example, on office cars Philip Morris it is often possible to see labels Marlboro. And in offices a top - managers - the American flag. Americans like to arrange also general meetings of collective and to have a rest together. For example, where - nibud in Moscow suburbs. And all employees Wrigley - from drivers to managing directors - once a year leave in Sochi for some days.
Italians, Frenchmen, Germans and Englishmen, most likely, will not demand from you such active display of feelings to firm - to the employer. But it does not mean that loyalty in relation to the company has for them no value. For example, in Kraft with watchfulness concern the people who have come from firm - the competitor. And in Rank Xerox - to employees, whose relatives work in the competing companies.
as you can see to get on in the foreign company, our compatriots should submit to numerous requirements of its corporate culture.