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Discussion of selective reform in Cuba

In Cuba all the same will not be a multi-party system

Yesterday regular session of National assembly of Cuba (the Cuban unicameral parliament) has opened. Discussion of the bill of changes in the law on elections will be one of main points at session. If these changes are approved by the Cuban parliament, elections in National assembly will pass by direct ballot.

Acceptance of such law could become the first step to political reform in Cuba on which carrying out normalisation of the relation of Havana with an external world depends. However the bill maintenance is that that even if it will be accepted, it all the same will not open road opposition to the power.
the Document provides elections to parliament a method of general ballot, thus an exclusive right will put forward nominees in the country highest legislative body to possess nowadays existing public organisations, such, for example, as trade unions, female committees or the youth organisations which, as it is known, are completely supervised by ruling communist party. Thus, even that rather conditional opposition which exists in Cuba, actually cannot affect result of elections in any way.
in the country the absolute power of security service in all spheres of life remains, shortage of necessary foodstuff and a standard of living all time grows decreases. C disorder of the former Soviet Union Cuba has lost the basic trading and political ally who is pumping over billions of dollars on support of weakening national economy.
what so-called selective reform Fidel Castro intends to present to the world community in quality for a long time promised " is similar; society democratisation as only under condition of democratisation Cuba can count on easing of economic sanctions. While these sanctions only become tougher. Last Friday in Miami for the present the president George Bush in the presence of set of the emigrants representing 600 - thousand Cuban diaspora, has signed the so-called Cuban democratic certificate in which strengthening of the sanctions entered 30 years ago concerning Cuba is provided. By this certificate use of southern ports of the USA for trade with Cuba is definitively forbidden. According to Bush, constant toughening of sanctions should accelerate falling of a dictatorial mode.
the World community has not too given in on Fidel`s obvious dodge, and now becomes quite real that Castro`s favourite statement (revolutionaries will better die, than will refuse a socialism), can become prophetical.

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