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Members of parliament about ownership of land

the Parliamentary committee is dissatisfied with idea of a referendum

In House of Councils on October, 30th has taken place a press - conference of deputies Russian
parliament concerning a private property on the earth. Acting have declared,
that soon the parliament will define an order of purchase and sale of the earth private persons. In
the relation of already legalised private possession by the earth it has been noticed that it not
is entered because of local authorities.

Opening a press - conference, the chairman of parliamentary committee on
Agafonov has shown to social development of village, agrarian questions and the foodstuffs discontent with that mass media
incorrectly shine a problem of private landed property as unresolved.
Agafonov considers that the private form of landed property is fixed in laws and not
demands carrying out of a national referendum, which as he has underlined, not
corresponds to the federal contract also is intervention in the competence
subjects of federation. According to Agafonova, idea of a referendum support
circles close to the government doing not wish to solve practical questions
private property introductions on the earth. The acted deputies noticed that
noise round a referendum is lifted to enter on purpose private purchase and sale of the earth,
to make its goods and a subject of gamble.
nevertheless, deputies have underlined that they are not afraid to legalise carrying out
such transactions, but in certain frameworks. Assistant Agafonova, deputy Ivan
Altukhov, among necessary restrictive measures named an interdiction for sale
the bought site within 5 years, and received free of charge - during
10 years. He has suggested to establish norms of tap of the earth which should
be established by subjects of federation depending on local conditions, and
also to impose the tax to a difference between sale price and that for which the earth
was got by the seller. All these measures are contained, as he said, by the project
the law About bases of the ground legislation of the Russian Federation which
will be presented parliament for the first reading on November, 2nd.
members of parliamentary committee have underlined the desire to make the earth
the capital, instead of simply goods . In spite of the fact that VS Russia has blocked
the presidential decree about ground bank, deputies have supported its creation.
a press Great interest Valentine Agafonova`s promises to transfer
have caused a closing date of a re-registration of the grounds taken away earlier to private persons
since January, 1st, 1992 for January, 1st, 1995. It is originally right on sites
remained for owners within 2 years from coming into force of the law
RSFSR About land reform but, as Agafonov, " has underlined; executive
bodies on places will not be in time will cope with a re-registration . It threatens
to owners with loss of sites and can create unforeseen complexities for
the authorities. Therefore Agafonov is assured that the Supreme body will approve on November, 19th still
one bill with changes and additions to the law on land reform,
in which text there will be also a new term of a re-registration for private persons. For
legal bodies as Agafonov has noted, term is not transferred.
In conversation with the correspondent Ivan Altukhov has explained an abundance of bills about
to the earth struggle of supporters and opponents of a private property inside