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Russian financial star is visible now to the whole world

Russian financial star is visible now to the whole world

Magazine Business Week named the first vice-president of the Central Bank of Russia Andrey Kozlova a new financial star year. Goats has received this title for a key role in creation of the market of state credit obligations which magazine has characterised as the most liquid, pure and effective in Russia .

the List of twenty outstanding financiers of world Business Week publishes annually. Top - 20 it is formed not in the form of a rating, and in the form of a number of articles devoted to certain segments of the market. In them the best managers, the most appreciable people in the market, and also the most successful " are noted; regulators the market. 32 - summer Andrey Kozlov is recognised by one of the best in last from the listed nominations. It the first Russian which has got in Top - 20 Business Week. President Salomon Brothers so has presented Kozlova to readers: It has come early, it has come for a long time, and it is pure .
Together with Kozlovym the president of the Central Bank of Brazil Gustav Franko and president NASD Regulation of Mary Shapiro became stars Business Week in this nomination. By outstanding financiers the director of finance administration Microsoft Gregory Maffej, president Travelers Group James Dimon, operating director Chase Manhattan of Uilfred Finnegan, operating director Goldman Sachs and Co are recognised also. Eric Schwarz.

the founder Three leaves it...
last week it became known that the American businessman Peter Derbi is going to leave a post of the chairman of the board of one of the largest Russian investment companies - Three - Dialogue . Peter Derbi headed the Three (affiliated structure DialogBanka) from the moment of its basis.

the descendant of Russian emigrants, American Peter Derbi is known in the Russian market not only that headed one of the largest investment companies. In 1990 it has acted as the initiator of creation of the first Russian protsessingovoj the companies Kardtsentr . In the end of 1994 of Derby has been included in the list of bankers, whose contribution to development of bank system of Russia has appeared the most essential, and in March, 1997 has had the award of the American chamber of commerce for dynamical development of the business in Russia.
in August of this year the company the Three - Dialogue And Bank of Moscow have entered into the agreement on strategic partnership. To bank of Moscow 20 % of actions " have departed; Three . By the Chairman of board of directors of new structure the president of Bank of Moscow Andrey Borodin has been selected. Then it has been declared that any changes in the ranks of the higher management structure Three it is not expected.
however soon Peter Derbi has declared that intends to depart from affairs in to the Three and to concentrate on work in DialogBanke which president it is. It is not excluded that Peter Derbi`s leaving from the investment company - result of personnel selection of its new co-owner, the Moscow municipal bank. However, in Bank of Moscow declared that about leaving of Derby from Three do not know. However, other reason of its resignation is possible also. As it is known, the Federal Commission on Securities in September has let out the decision forbidding to foreigners to head the company, working on the Russian stock market. This decision infringes on interests of many large companies: foreigners head CS First Boston, Citybank, MFK - the Renaissance .

... After the director investitsionno - bank management
last week the American investment bank Merrill Lynch declared office opening in Moscow. The former manager of the company " became the first Russian employee of Moscow representation Merrill Lynch; the Three - Dialogue Sergey Zenkin.

the Former director investitsionno - bank management Three - Dialogue Sergey Zenkin in December will enter a post of the director of investment department of Moscow representation Merrill Lynch. He will be engaged in attraction of investments for the Russian companies, but on a new place unlike the previous cannot influence strategic plans of firm. However, Zenkina, seemingly, suits a role of the executor of another`s ideas. Sergey Zenkin also has denied hearings that the Three - Dialogue like English company Smith New Court, it will be soon absorbed Merrill Lynch.

Alexander SEMENOV, Sergey SMARTLY