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Drastic measures have brought quite good result

Yesterday agency REUTER has informed that for the first time for a wide interval of time of the action of the largest in the world of computer company International Business Machines Corp. Have gone up in price - on 75 cents. It became a consequence of some the vigorous steps undertaken by the company recently - a new advertising campaign, the large-scale contract with firm Price Waterhouse, the beginnings of deliveries of microcircuits IBM to firm Apple, presentations of the project new is hardware - program system.

Under the message a press - services IBM, the company has concluded the large-scale contract with firm Price Waterhouse. This firm enters in the big six the largest consulting and auditor companies of the world. IBM will put Price Waterhouse 2 000 copies of operating system OS/ 2 2. 0 which will work on 35 000 personal computers Price Waterhouse which are located worldwide. Besides, IBM will provide Price Waterhouse with copies of operating system DOS and program cover Windows according to requirements of firm. Vice-president IBM g - n Michael Attardo has informed that the company has begun delivery of microcircuits to the basic competitor in the computer market - firm Apple which will use these microcircuits by manufacture of some kinds of computers Macintosh. Some years ago such cooperation, according to REUTER, was absolutely impossible.
Before a microcircuit of manufacture IBM were used only in computers of own manufacture. However last years manufacture of microcircuits has turned from most zatratnogo manufactures IBM to the most profitable. working only for one consumer, even such big as IBM, - has declared Attardo, - we could not reach a desirable profit level . The desirable profit should make, according to Attardo, some honeycombs millions dollars a year. Microprocessors of manufacture IBM will be established also in new models of personal computers of firm Apple - Macintosh with RISC - architecture. According to representatives IBM, the company has agreed with Apple and about co-production of software products. IBM has arrangements on cooperation with many other large firms and continues working out of new models of microcircuits.
REUTER informs also on presentation of the project of the new it is hardware - program system IBM - Multimedia Multiparty Teleconferencing. The system will allow users of personal computers PS/ 2 to see each other on screens of computers and to have conversation in real time.
all these steps of firm IBM have led to increase of a course of its actions on Nju - Jorksky stock exchange of which for a long time expected 1,7 million shareholders of this largest company. If on Tuesday, on October, 27th, share price IBM has gone down for 1,75 dollars on Wednesday, 28 - go it has risen on 75 cents.