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Press - conference in the centre of reforms

Developers of reform are not assured of its success

on October, 29th on a press - conferences the governmental experts - developers
Programs of deepening of economic reforms Sergey Vasilev and Andrey
Illarionov, and also their West European colleague Richard Lajjard (Richard
Layard) have presented the analysis socially - an economic situation to Russia and
have declared possibility of the beginning of a hyperinflation.

Rates present - enough low - inflations (to 5 % a week), considers
Vasilev, are caused by growth of credits of the Central bank of Russia industrial
to the enterprises. However economic tendencies (rouble exchange rate falling on
to the relation to dollar, increase of speed of the reference of money on hands at
the population) testify, in its opinion, on fast financial shocks:
Russia real threat of hyperinflationary processes faces.
the situation on the Russian labour market, according to Lajarda, is absurd enough.
at the general falling of volumes of output the rate of unemployment does not increase.
the economy, as he said, could be restored in shorter terms
at the maximum quantity of hands on a labour market.
Illarionov, concerning a privatisation problem, has noticed that now it
level makes 20 % from planned by developers Programs
deepenings of economic reforms . Nevertheless, under its remark if
present rates of privatisation remain it will take place in record-breaking
short terms on the world standards.