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That was during a week

the people Led V.Anpilov left on national veche and has been rewarded: workers have listened to the story of taxi driver L.Suhova how it was difficult to gather to it for veche, as the wife lay in bed . Nevertheless farewell, the nadryvnostju Hector`s reminding farewell to Andromahoj, has taken place, and, having calmed the lovely spouse words: Kind! Heart to itself do not destroy unlimited grief, against destiny the person will not send me to Aidesu the taxi driver has gone on abuse with ahejtsami (they democrats).
In the meantime there was a joyful event: on the congress of Front of national rescue historical reconciliation white and red has happened that, will undoubtedly, sharply improve political culture of our society. After reconciliation A. M.Makashov for what not begins to welcome M.G.Astafeva words the cadet is put on a stick the white leader And. Century Konstantin will refrain from calling the colleagues - communists muzhepesami and VS the Russian Federation - council dog and rachih deputies (than known leaders in the past of white movement) sinned. Convenience from reconciliation by that is not settled. Before, as it is known, the opposition reproached E.T.Gaydar with its red grandfather, seeing in a redness of last the main lack of its grandson - a premiere. In frameworks of historical reconciliation, on the contrary, presence of such grandfather becomes in the opinion of Front of national rescue (FNS) E.T.Gaydar`s main advantage, and recognised mestobljustitel M.G.Astafev`s white idea begins without sparing to protect the stomach and. An island of the prime minister from foes.
that reconciliation - time command, testifies also deep metanojja, happened in Nizhni Novgorod with the theorist of Incorporated front of the workers, the known fighter with sovburami prof. A.A.Sergeevym. He has decided that workers should be transformed in sovburov - like Fridrihu to Engels to become capitalists, that on the received means to struggle with the capital . Benefit of such tactics is doubtless: workers by an example of the younger founder become manufacturers and will start to go on krupnolitrazhnyh Mercedes and prof. Sergeys by an example of the senior founder will lodge in London and begins to receive a relief aid (unlike Charles Marx) not from one Fridriha of Engels, and from set skorobogatyh fridrihov engelsov.
Unfortunately, ideas of historical reconciliation yet have not quite seized B.N.Yeltsin`s heart which of all rich scale of the possibilities opened by establishment FNS, has seen only one: as, completely having reconciled, lieutenant Golitsyn with a cornet Obolensky and Petka with Vasily Ivanovichem amicably storm presidential residence. Therefore, friendly having reproached E. Burbulisa in that Gennady Eduardovich with excessive indifference concerns prospect to be hung up on an aspen, Boris Nikolaevich has started working: has promised to forbid FNS, and has to begin with dismissed R.I.Hasbulatova`s guards which now in quality whether honourable, whether absolutely not honourable escort will be surrounded with presidential policemen.
in the meantime though all conflicts are already resolved historical reconciliation not had time to orient M.S.Gorbachev and K.N.Borovoj have decided to be engaged together in nonconventional methods of the permission of nonconventional conflicts. Which nonconventional ways will be offered by M.S.Gorbachev, to tell difficultly, K.N.Borovogo`s technique is represented more certain. In the recent public speech the popular stockbroker compared practising politicians with the sexual maniacs trembling with impatience before a young victim and also with The rural cretins bragging in the sizes of the genitals and most likely Konstantin Natanovich intends to heal nonconventional conflicts, applying to presidents and speakers psychoanalytic methods of prof. Zigmunda Freud.