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Monitoring ekonomich. Legislations

Edition continues to publish weekly monitoring of the economic legislation in the form of the offered table. In the column the Signed documents names and requisites of the let out statutory acts are brought. The column Developed documents it is divided into three levels. At I level names of the documents preparing in committees and the commissions of parliament and departments of the ministries are placed. At II level - names of the documents passing through Presidium VS, the ministries, the State Committees and state departments equal to them. At III level names of the documents which are in a stage of acceptance with parliament, the president or the government are placed.
apparently from the table, legislative process last week proceeded actively enough. It is quite natural, as normotvorcheskaja activity of authorities always directly depends on a state of affairs in economy - the more problems, the more authorities are interested to show activity in their decision. An example of similar dependence is the presidential Decree About use of privatisation checks with a view of population social protection dated on October, 26th. As the public opinion relation to vaucherizatsii remains till now rather cool, the president lets out recently one for one decrees in a pointed manner directed on increase of market cost of vouchers. Last decree on this theme uses ultima ratio - the appeal to social protection traditionally favourite by the people. According to the decree invalids, lonely pensioners and other similar groups of holders of vouchers acquire the right to bear the privatisation check not in usual investment funds, and in specially created Investment funds of social protection . Which, in turn, are ready to offer shareholders not not clear to the people the dividend and quite habitual insurance of health and life, payment of consumer goods, and even payment of funeral (that frequently is hardly probable not the basic financial care of many Russian pensioners). That similar services can concern and " is essential also; usual holders of vouchers, as the persons needing special social protection should make the majority, but at all 100 % of shareholders new social funds. The Decree which has taken effect on October, 27th of the president About transformation of the State gas concern ` Gazprom ` in the Russian joint-stock company ` Gazprom ` testifies to aspiration of the government to react to problems of an oil and gas complex. Thus the decree maintenance completely corresponds to the outlined governmental policy in relation to toplivno - to a power complex. This policy consists in strengthening of the state control over the most important currency resources - oil and gas - in a combination to market innovations under the form in management of branch - transformation of state enterprises to joint-stock companies. Confirmed by Committee of the prices at the Ministry of Economics and the Ministry of Finance the Order of definition of the sizes and entering into the budget of the sums received by the enterprises - monopolists at the expense of excess of a marginal level of profitability in 1992 - 1993 continues tradition of state bodies to react to a rise in prices acceptance of various measures on their indirect regulation. Thus introduction of marginal levels of profitability became the most widespread method. However till now in world practice price control of monopolists - both direct, and indirect - has not proved to be an effective measure of struggle against monopolism and overestimate of the prices. Nevertheless, the Russian state bodies continue to apply this variant of economic policy as most evident for the enterprises.