Rus News Journal

At customs

By a weekend the Russian customs officers had to work much to reveal numerous cases of contraband. However the foreign trade cargoes continued to arrive legally you intensive enough rhythm, and customs officers had to pay attention and to it.
though information on arrival and departure of cargoes was yesterday a little, the Moscow customs which - than all - taki has pleased Russians. In particular, on Regional customs 700 food processors which have been sent this time from Latvia have arrived. Many cigarettes - 9,6 million pieces - have arrived from Poland. And here Austria has taken care of numerous owners of cats. The problem than to feed the favourites, for them will be partially removed. The customs has issued arrival 13 t a special cat`s forage.
the Moscow regional customs has issued also export cargo to Ukraine. There are sent 1,2 t ball-bearings.
a customs post the Terminal - Moscow Has accepted on the warehouses 60 t canned beer from the USA, numerous chocolate products (40) firms MARS from Holland. From Germany profits of cigarette HB (7), computers IBM (2,7) and three containers of various outer clothing. One container of clothes has arrived also from the USA, and pleasant on taste cookies (6) and chocolate (12) - from Denmark.
on the Sheremetyevo - 2 flight FINAIR the next party of the Chinese lady`s wear (1,5) both computer and other electronic technics of manufacture of leading western firms - only 2 t has arrived.
In the Sheremetyevo - 2 customs officers have again detained currency. Yesterday the Russian citizen going to official journey to Italy, has been detained with the French francs which he has forgotten to bring in the customs declaration. Franks should be withdrawn. And the citizen of Italy who is coming back from a trip across Russia, had at itself an icon in a metal salary. As have informed in customs, icon estimation of cost will be made by experts later.
At the Petersburg airport Pulkovo customs officers have detained the Russian citizen who went to Turkey with 500 not declared dollars.
the brotherly help to the Russian customs has rendered Latvian, detained three citizens of Vietnam. Vigilant officers of customs have paid attention to suspiciously bulged pockets of Vietnameses. Pockets were offered for turning out, and there it has appeared 5 thousand strongly rumpled banknotes for a total sum of 5 million roubles. Recalculation of the withdrawn banknotes has occupied from customs officers more than one and a half hours. On - visible, smugglers intended to exchange the Russian roubles on Latvian rublisy . Alas, it was not possible.
On Severo - the West Petersburg customs officers, as always, detained cargoes with the illicit goods. The Pytalovsky customs has found out the car with the consumer goods, sent of Moscow Region to Estonia. In Sebezhe customs officers have stopped the car with cargo of the copper breakage (1), going of Moscow Region to Lithuania. The reason both zaderzhany same - wrong registration of customs documents. The Nemansky customs has detained car KamAz with the trailer. By this truck tried to take away from Russia in Pjarnu (Estonia) cargo of chocolate (10). Chocolate to Estonia without any accompanying documents was sent by firm BROZ, without having for this purpose any lawful bases.
the Bagrationovsky customs has withdrawn from the citizen of Russia who is coming back on own car from official journey to Poland, 132 kg of a copper breakage.
in Kingisepp the customs had been stopped the car. Under its seat 36 bottles of vodka are revealed. Even the explanation of the owner of the car, the inhabitant of St.-Petersburg that it carries this vodka to Estonia on wedding, has not convinced customs officers of legality of transportation. At the same customs the truck in which hiding place it is found out 1 t gasoline has been detained.
on October, 30th the Kingiseppsky customs has summed up work for a month and has summed up the successes. It appears that by its employees it is confiscated cargoes for a total sum of 3300 thousand rbl. Thus the most part of the detained goods it is necessary on metals, the foodstuffs, alcohol and medicines. A certain Estonian firm which twice - without looking on has especially caused a stir what - tried to take through the Russian border on 7 t nickel. Thanks to vigilance kingiseppskih customs officers it and did not manage to take contraband. And all for a year at Kingiseppsky customs it is detained 414 t metal.