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Demand on " has fallen; Mercedes luxe-class

In Germany began to buy is worse expensive cars and fighters

As has informed yesterday agency REUTER, incomes of industrial company Daimler largest in Germany - Benz AG this year can decrease from - for reductions of sales of cars of mark of luxe-class Mercedes-Benz and decrease in volumes of military orders. Company incomes as a whole for the first half of the year nevertheless have grown on 16 %, basically at the expense of successful sale of other production and decrease in taxes. According to experts, the company the difficulties connected with the general recession in economy of Germany in the nearest future expect.

According to independent analytical service M. M. Warburg Brinckmann, last months firm Daimler incomes - Benz AG from sale of luxe-class cars Mersedes have unexpectedly sharply fallen. Experts of analytical service predict income decrease on one action Daimler - Benz AG with 55 DM last year, to 52 DM in it and to 48 DM next year. According to the head of analytical service g - on Piltsa (Hans - Joachim Pilz), release of new model Mercedes 190 next year can appear overdue, as an era huge cars luxe-class has already ended. Today Daimler - Benz AG lets out a wide spectrum of production - from household electronics to jet fighters. From - for it the company can lose the basic source of incomes - manufacture of cars. Decrease in volumes of the governmental purchases negatively affects a firm financial position also for military needs. In particular, happens so that the requirement of the government for jet fighters has sharply decreased.
In the company structural reorganisation is planned and the program of decrease in expenses which only this year provides reduction of 10 500 workplaces is accepted. According to experts, such reorganisation hardly probable will bring positive results before 1994. Some experts also are sceptical about confidence of company management that the further diversification Daimler - Benz AG will lead certain self-organising ( synergy ) corporation activity. G - n Pilts has noticed that the sphere of interests of corporation and without that is various enough.