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New strategy of the company the Mix

to build - the principle

a joint-stock company management " is necessary Yesterday; Low and cottage building (MIX) declared
new strategy in realisation of the largest program of cottage building
in Moscow suburbs (more in detail about the program see #139). The joint-stock company offers state farms and
to collective farms of the investment into highly profitable agricultural production in
an exchange on taken away to the MIX the ground areas. According to experts, such
the approach looks rather attractive both for joint-stock company, and for situated near Moscow

As the president of joint-stock company " has informed; the MIX Anatoly Osipov, nesmotrja
on decisions of administration of the Moscow region, on which joint-stock companies it is entrusted
to carry out the program of low building in near Moscow suburbs on
territories of 40 thousand in hectare, the MIX already at the first stage of realisation of the program
has met some difficulties. In particular, large owners ground
sites (collective farms situated near Moscow and state farms) extremely reluctantly agree on
transfer of those to the MIX .
In this connection, has told g - n Osipov, experts the MIX the scheme has been developed,
on which land owners receive joint-stock company of the investment for
developments of highly profitable agricultural programs (creation hothouse
economy, manufacture of non-polluting products), in exchange on necessary
to the MIX sites.
At realisation of such scheme the joint-stock company is created, as founders
which act the MIX and the economy which has given the earth under cottage
building. As a rule, investments are given under bystrookupaemye programs
(6 - 12 months), and the got profit is distributed fifty-fifty between partners.
by words g - on Osipov, economy willingly go on such cooperation. So,
last week the MIX has agreed with one of state farms situated near Moscow about
granting in joint-stock company using under building of the earth of 65 hectares. In turn
the MIX invests an order of 300 million rbl. in development of a hothouse economy. On
to words of experts the MIX they hope within a year to receive from this
transactions the first profit, which further reinvestirujut in building
according to experts, joint-stock company the MIX Has chosen the most successful strategy in
realisations of the program of cottage building which allows
to joint-stock company reinvestirovat returnable means in building
cottages, thereby essentially raising profitability of building. Except
that, at such system of joint-stock company has an opportunity to choose most
sites attractive to.

joint-stock company phone the MIX : (095 231 - 70 - 18