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Krome togo

In Azerbaijan penal sanctions for a delay are toughened by the enterprises of quarterly accounts. Now for this infringement a management and the chief accountant will be fined at a rate of 2 - h salaries, at repeated infringement - 5 - ti salaries. The deputy chief of the Main state tax inspection of Azerbaijan has informed on it on October, 30th Idajat of Sultans. At revealing of the sums hidden from the taxation, from an enterprise turn the sum hidden from the tax is withdrawn, and also the penalty, 50 which % goes to the state treasury and 50 % - for needs of tax inspection. From the last of 50 % - 5 % by right belong to the inspector who has revealed infringement. If the penalty sum appears less than 10 thousand rbl. the share of the inspector increases to 25 %.
On the other hand, enterprises of the sum wrongly withdrawn from a turn after an establishment of incompetence of actions of the employee of tax inspection come back to the enterprise, and the sum of profit which the withdrawn means could give, is paid by the guilty inspector according to the legislation.

on October, 30th the president of Armenia Rubbed - Petrosyan has disposed to create the commission on investigation of the reasons of crisis with bread. As have informed in a press - service of the president, the commission is created in connection with difficulties in hlebosnabzhenii, arisen of - for infringements of railway communication of republic with regions of the former USSR as a result of blockade from Azerbaijan, and also from - for wars in Abkhazia. The bread price will make from 18 to 36 rbl. for kg (such decision has accepted on October, 29th the republic government). Coupons on bread are simultaneously entered. Each inhabitant depending on the place of residence will receive from 250 to 350 g bread in day.

Since November, 1st in Latvia on 60 - 70 % will rise in price bread. Rise in prices is caused by a sharp rise in price of the grain which kg in republic costs now 26 - 28 roubles.

C on November, 1st in Georgia price of bread with 5 to 25 roubles for kg will raise. As have informed in republic Ministerial council, bread delivery - 400 gramme a day on one person, irrespective of age is entered also normirovannaja. According to local experts, it will put a barrier to uncontrolled export of bread for limits of Georgia, and also to its use for otkorma cattle. The authorities, besides, should find 25 billion roubles to cover losses which were incurred by manufacturers of bread, realising it at the price, considerably below cost.
by estimates of economists, in connection with increase of price of bread expenses of each citizen will increase approximately by 300 rbl. In this connection since November, 1st in Georgia pensions and grants approximately on 800 roubles raise the salary.