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on November, 1st for journey payment in the Moscow underground plastic counters are entered. It will allow to lower in 8 times costs on manufacturing of counters and will complicate use of forgeries. New counters have is light - green colouring and special napolnitel. At hit in a turnstile they will be appeared through by ultra-violet beams. As to metal counters they can use till November, 15th inclusive. Since November, 16th it is possible to use only the plastic. Now from 44 million metal counters in Underground cash desks there was only 4 million All the others are on hands at townspeople. After cancellation of old counters the Underground assumes to sell to their commercial organisations for use in slot machines.
as the representative of the government of Moscow has informed, fare in the underground and on ground transport within the next few days will raise.

Since November, 2nd in St.-Petersburg fare increase in a land municipal transportation is expected. Increase was planned for October, 27th (on it it has been informed a press - the mayoralty centre), but this information has been denied. In a tram, a trolley bus and the bus about 2 roubles were supposed to lift a fare. Cost of monthly tickets should be raised in 2 - 3 times. According to experts, the sizes of tariffs have been co-ordinated with mayor Anatoly Sobchakom, but not date of their introduction only. Possibly, new tariffs will be entered since November, 2nd, and almost on all positions will correspond earlier declared.

gas production in Tyumen remained at level of last year, and oil recovery was reduced. On it has informed on October, 30th the Tyumen regional management of statistics. For 9 months 1992 in the Tyumen region it is extracted 430 billion cubic metre of natural gas. At the same time oil and gas condensate production was considerably reduced - to 204,5 million tons that makes 84,2 % from last year`s level.

on administrative council of the Tyumen region the agreement on differentiation of powers between Tyumen regional, Hunts - Mansijsky and Jamalo - Nenets district authorities in sphere of economic relations is signed. According to the document, regional structures of the power will be engaged in protection of economic interests of the parties on realisation obshcheoblastnyh programs, coordination of actions on management of power supply, communication facilities, aviation, river and by rail. To the joint competence of the parties are carried development of the general strategy financial, price and a tax policy, formation of currency and other common regional monetary natural funds, maintenance of the population with consumer goods