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The meeting of shareholders of Roslesbirzhi

Shareholders of a stock exchange becomes four times more

on October, 30th at meeting of shareholders of Roslesbirzhi in its charter were neseny
changes. According to the brought amendments, owners of broker places become shareholders of a stock exchange, except
founders, and the stock exchange will receive the status
the noncommercial organisation. The ustavnyj fund will be increased with 20 to 60 million rbl.

Changes in the stock exchange charter have been caused by the difficulties which have arisen at
of registration. The variant of the charter rejected by Antimonopoly committee
assumed that to founders of a stock exchange the status of shareholders, and
is given to owners of broker offices - the persons who have brought an entrance fee for the action.
as vice-president Roslesbirzhi Vladimir Markov, the commission on stock exchanges
" has declared; has recommended to make changes to its charter. Despite lacking at
Antimonopoly committee of the formal bases for refusal in the licence,
the decision " was accepted; not to tease geese and to change the charter. According to the new version,
the status of shareholders and equal with
founders of the right is given to owners of broker places.
it also has caused excitement among founders as both old, and new
to shareholders the number of actions adequate to size of a monetary payment stood out.
the promotional payment, equal 200 thousand rbl. granted the right to reception of 4 actions
a face-value of 50 thousand rbl., and owners of broker places paid
on 500 - 700 thousand rbl. received for them accordingly bolshee number and actions, and
voices. The president of a stock exchange Vladimir Tokmakovu, however, managed to convince
shareholders to agree on these conditions, as otherwise, on it
to words, the licence to a stock exchange not to receive never .
Giving to a stock exchange of the status noncommercial special objections not
has caused in founders, as according to the decision project About measures on support and
to development of commodity exchanges which prepares on the instructions of the government
the International exchange and trading union, noncommercial stock exchanges receive a number
privileges. In particular, the profit of such stock exchanges is not subject to taxation, and
to the enterprises realising production through such structures, the tax on
the added cost decreases for 5 %.