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Credit cards from VBB

Credit cards VISA and American Express offer for roubles

the All-Russia exchange bank has started service of credit cards with
conformity with the agreement reached on taken place on last week
negotiations with Geneva bank SCS Alliance (see #15). Yesterday clients could
order in the All-Russia exchange bank of card VISA and American Express.
Thus for the first time it had been gave possibility to pay a card roubles.

As the head of department of currency transactions All-Russia exchange
bank Valery Kurguzov has informed, its bank intends to serve credit cards conducting
emitters: American Express, VISA, EuroCard/ MasterCard. Thus clients
can get cards for roubles. With that end in view the potential owner
a credit card should place on the deposit in the All-Russia exchange bank
a rouble equivalent (at the rate of bank) the necessary currency sum. Its size
varies depending on the one who is the emitter of a card.
so, for example, to get the most popular credit cards in Russia
VISA, it is necessary for clients to place a rouble equivalent of $15000 on the deposit.
(For this sum the bank gives out a bank guarantee to the foreign partner,
giving cards.) Thus the account part of the deposit will make $5000.
credit cards American Express will much more expensively manage - the sum
the rouble deposit in recalculation for US dollars will make in this case $150000.
These cards are also the most prestigious in the world, and their owners use
reputation rather men of means. According to experts, annual
the income of owner American Express makes not less than $100000.
the credit card Given out by the All-Russia exchange bank is standard
means of payment: the owner can use it worldwide at
to payment of purchases, accounts in hotels and restaurants, the order of air tickets, rent
the car, and etc. Considering forthcoming expenses, the All-Russia exchange bank
debits the account of the client in roubles at the current rate. The annual payment,
raised for credit card service, makes $100 - $300. As
Kurguzov has underlined, there is a system of protection against illegal use
cards. In particular, in a case uteri or card thefts its owner can
inform on it, having called in bank by round-the-clock phone, and during
a half an hour the lost card will be cancelled.

contact phone VBB: (095 188 - 11 - 11