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Coldness European fondovikov by an outcome of presidential races of the USA in

last trading day of month bordered on indifference. I do not think that
position of stock exchanges of Europe depends on the one who from candidates becomes
the president. Here if you to me tell that will make Bundesbank with the
rates, I to you will tell what to happen in stock market - has told REUTER
one of the London experts. The German investors disappointed
with obstinacy of Bundesbanka, did not hasten to throw the Frankfurt brokers
orders for purchase of actions. And those have, seemingly, reconciled to falling of courses and
observed, how index DAX - 30 has rolled down in the morning on Friday on 6,44 points to
1487,2. The Parisian stock exchange has been occupied by the decision of problems with futures on
to an index, trying to make up for time lost in shadowing for Buboj . Routine
morning trade has led to fall of index SAS - 40 on 12,74 points to
1718,13. And brokers from Foggy Albion have met new day optimistically:
overnight the Minister of Finance of Great Britain Norman Lamont has hinted that
rates will be lowered. The cheered up brokers have understood a hint, and on Friday so
quickly were accepted for good reason that already to 9 mornings index FTSE - 100 has risen already on 14
points to 2656,3.
America Reminding a huge hippodrome on Thursday has blown up nervicheskim
a roar: applicants for an armchair in the White house, coming nearer to finishing line,
have gone a nostril to a nostril. Experts of stock market have started immediately joyfully
to rub hands, reasonably believing that the more sharply struggle on finish, the bolshy
the income will be given by their grounds after November, 3rd. On Nju - Jorksky stock exchange
Bush`s desperate finishing throw has led to fall so-called Actions
Clinton (the companies from sector of public health services and a social infrastructure)
at almost not changed main actions of the market. The company of General Motors,
however, has slightly distracted attention of brokers from pre-election struggle,
having published the sad data about the activity in the third quarter. Losses
firms were, of course, reduced in comparison with last year`s, but nevertheless
impress: $752,9 million insignificant fall
Dow`s index - Johns - on 5,13 points to 3246,27 was Result of intense day.
If there are no large pleasures, it is necessary to try to find the small. On - visible,
such approach has helped Japanese brokers on Friday so courageously to worry
the next falling of index Nikkei - 225 on 170,31 points to 16767,40. One of
them has told REUTER: the Index falls, but sale - that thus small!
hinting that fall of last days - has not begun crash, and only
small deviation.
in the oil market by a weekend military terminology with might and main was put to use. One of
veterans of the oil future market has told REUTER: If we pass through
level of $19,55 we will appear on a neutral strip and where therefrom will move
the prices, is absolutely not clear . Already on Thursday evening December contracts on
brent - a mix in London cost $19,59. On Friday falling of the prices which are not giving in
to any logic explanation, has proceeded: in London December
contracts on brent - a mix went on $19,20, far having left from neutral
estimating a situation in the market oil experts were divided into two
camp. One assert that in all the countries of the OPEC which have received
on merits are guilty, having finished oil release in October to unprecedented volumes - 25 million
barrels a day. Others consider that all will manage also the prices still will raise.
and the reason of it become or frosts in Europe and the North America, or
the termination of deliveries of the Ural oil from - for political disorders in Russia, and
the OPEC can, having gathered on November, 25th, something will think up. The last
is represented doubtful as Iran and Saudi Arabia continue
to attack against each other with obstinacy of paranoiacs. However, according to experts
REUTER, at falling of the price below $19,55 of the country of the OPEC will forget about political
squabbles and will take up the problems of profits. As, as isstari oil bigwigs, " joke
; the OPEC it is similar to tea in a disposable bag - works
normally only in boiled water .
in the Morning on Friday in London gold has again fallen in price - on 70 cents - and it
the price has made $339 for trojskuju ounce.