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Yesterday competition on the right of rent of the municipal enterprises in St.-Petersburg which spent Fund of property of a city late at night has ended. On the auctions 21 prize - shops, premises of workshops has been presented. When this number was imposed, results of the auctions were not known yet. About results of competition you can read on Tuesday on November, 3rd.

the subscription to actions of the second release of Novokuznetsk commercial bank " on November, 30th comes to an end; Hope . According to the vice-president of bank Sergey Babenkova, after a subscription the authorised capital Hopes Babenkov will make about 250 million rbl. has informed that Hope - the bank first in Kuzbas formed from zero instead of reorganised from already existing structure. The bank is registered on September, 26th, 1990 by the Novokuznetsk Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People`s Deputies with the authorised capital in 520 thousand rbl. Founders - co-operative societies Beam the Granite 1 and I . On December, 18th, 1991 it has been decided to transform it to open joint-stock company with an authorised capital stock in 60 million rbl. Now Hope has 6 branches - in Novosibirsk, Kemerovo, Mezhdurechensk, Myski, the Abaze Khakass republic and Novokuznetsk.

to Increase the size of the authorised capital with 5 - ti to 100 million rbl. plans and Novokuznetsk commercial innovative bank scientifically - technical progress in building . The decision on it will be accepted at meeting of founders of bank which will pass in the first of November. The bank is registered in the spring of 1992 by trust Kuznetskpromstroj and several commercial structures, including banks. As has informed Nadezhda Sidelnikova operating bank, a priority direction of its activity is financing of new building manufactures and technologies. By words Sidelnikovoj, today builders need preferential crediting, unlike commercial structures, they hardly will master credits under 120 - 150 %. Therefore, then to invest building, the bank should earn on commerce, - considers Sidelnikova.

According to agency REUTER, in Japan the new record of speed of a railway train for this country - 353 km/ ch is established. The record is established by the Japanese experimental train STAR21 which previous achievement - 352 km/ ch - have held on three days. The world record of speed on the railway - 515 km/ ch - is established in 1990 by the French train Train Grand Vitesse. On a question, whether Japanese and a world record are going to surpass, the representative of East Japanese railway company has answered that the main problem is absence in Japan a suitable site for an experimental line. He has told that next year excess of a high-speed boundary in 400 km/ ch is expected.

the symposium on manufacture and operation in the CIS the two-storeyed passenger railway cars, organised by Ministry of Railways and German firm Deutsche Waggonbau AG Yesterday has ended. Enterprise Deuttsche Waggonbau of the former GDR was the largest supplier in the USSR of carriages, cars - refrigerators and dining-cars. In 1992 the enterprise has planned manufacture of 376 cars for Russia for the sum of 380 million DM, including a pre-production model of new model of a sleeper for routes to the Western Europe. According to representatives of Ministry of Railways, the offer of German firm represents doubtless interest: two-storeyed cars which are applied in the majority of the countries of Europe, are more economic one-storeyed models.

phone Deutsche Waggonbau AG in Moscow: (095 132 - 38 - 74.

In a building of the Town-planning exhibition with the assistance of visible Moscow architects and the Government of Moscow there passes an exhibition devoted to problems of reconstruction of Berlin. Yesterday within the limits of an exhibition the seminar on which German and Moscow architects have exchanged experience has taken place. The Moscow experts have invited to the international symposium on a problem of development of the European capitals which will pass in the spring of 1993. The exhibition will last till the end of the next week.