Rus News Journal

The currency market

On Friday currency quotations in the market of cash sales have not undergone essential changes in all regions of sample. According to speculators in foreign currency, in the black market relative balance of supply and demand on currency continues to remain. So, in Moscow on October, 30th telephone the course of buying up of dollar was in the range from 365 rbl./ dollars at melkooptovyh operations (to thousand dollars) to 375 rbl./ dollars at larger transactions. The Moscow course of sale made thus 380 - 385 rbl./ dollars In St.-Petersburg dollar bought up for 375 rbl./ dollars, sold - for 380 rbl./ dollars
In the market of cash sales in Lithuania by the end of November almost full replacement of cash Russian roubles by time national currency - coupons which have been entered in Lithuania on October, 1st (see #4, p. 6) is noted. In Vilnius on Friday the dollar cost 250 coupon/ dollars at buying up and 265 coupon/ dollars at sale. The coupon market rate to rouble is in limits 0,5 - 0,6 coupon/ rbl. at buying up and 0,75 coupon/ rbl. at sale. Speculators in foreign currency mark smooth decrease in a course of the Russian rouble to the coupon by a weekend. As local speculators in foreign currency mark, now practically there is no problem with an exchange of the Russian roubles for coupons.
in a number of banks the dollar exchange rate has increased in Moscow on the average on 15 points. The biggest growth is registered in Mezhkombank where the course of buying up of dollar has increased by 42 roubles, a sale course - on 44. As a whole in banks of Moscow bought up dollar for 285 (tehnobank) - 380 ( Help ) rbl./ dollars, sold for 340 (tehnobank) - 431 (Mezhkombank) of rbl./ dollars Bankers notice that courses of sale of HARD CURRENCY in the banks, as a rule considerably exceeding courses of the black market, do not frighten off buyers of currency.