Rus News Journal

The prices of day at Commodity exchanges

last working day of week record there was a sales volume on RTSB - 535,75 million rbl. at 27 concluded transactions, the result of auctions MTB is much more modest - 32,6 million rbl. at 18 transactions.
great volume of sales on RTSB has not been connected with any hyperactivity in an operational hall. The broker trying " has been recovered only; to tyre out brokers in sector and as though not noticing the lifted prizes out of limits of this. Lost the way the broker encouraged type phrases: Faster, faster - you still can appear in sector of the auctions! practically weigh sales volume has had on section the Agrostock exchange in which two largest transactions are fixed: 1 thousand t granulated sugar it is realised on 90 thousand rbl./ t and 10 thousand t reed sugar of mark - on 41 thousand rbl./ t.
On MTB agroproduction too was on sale - among the largest the transaction with 300 t fodder zernosmesi, realised at the price of 19,5 thousand rbl./ t is registered. The number of the large included also the transaction with four cars the Muscovite - 21412 - 02, each of which cost 1,4 million rbl. As sarcastically, as well as its colleague with RTSB, has been adjusted broker MTB. Not had time to remove outer clothing, but had time to respond on a call, the broker has heard from a circle: It therefore cannot enter that is very warmly dressed .
On TFB St.-Petersburg anything interesting has not occurred.