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The prospect of fillability of hotels

Metropol counts on presidents. With the cars

Remember, how - that unforgettable Pussycat Vorobjaninov, slightly having become slightly tight and having in
a pocket two hundred roubles and near at hand girl-friend Lizu, went and cried out on all street:
we Will go to numbers! . Then to the Pussycat there was a sea knee-deep, and it could remove most
expensive number in the best hotel of Moscow. Today the situation has a little changed,
smart numbers surrender for currency, but followers of the giant of thought and the father
Russian democracy remained. For them and for all those who would like to live itself
or to lodge the business partners in good hotels, we weekly,
besides the table of fillability of hotels, will publish data on these
hotels. To begin we have solved with Metropol Hotel - hotels, it is the most frequent
recommended to the western businessmen.

Metropol - five-stars hotel in the centre of Moscow, on the Theatre square.
Enters into prestigious hotel network Intercontinental. It is constructed in 1904
It is restored in 1991 From 403 numbers 75 - a class lux .

modest enough appearance of hotel is compensated by the luxury disappearing
behind entrance doors. Rekonstruktory have successfully kept in an interior atmosphere
the beginnings of the century.
days of residing in the cheapest number - Special room - manage in $300.
Two-room lux - Executive Suite - costs twice more expensively - $710,
three-room lux - $810. The most expensive hotel accommodation - Presidental
Suite - $1200 a day. In class numbers lux - period furniture,
expensive ware, rare pictures. Clients on tables are expected by small surprises
in the form of fruit, drinks and Russian souvenirs. All numbers have individual
heating, conditioners, satellite telecommunication, mini - bars, satellite
television and cable video.
in presidential number - the comfort highest level. Four rooms, most
big from which the tennis court, and a sauna -
resembles apartments, worthy the president of any country. Experts mark one
an interesting detail: in hotel Metropol on a door of presidential number
and it is written - Presidental Suite. Therefore to celebrated personalities,
stopping in this number, can quite bother nobody known
persons. It seems to experts that this problem is more successfully solved in hotel
Baltschug Kempinski where on a door of presidential apartments costs usual
a hotel room and anybody, except especially informed employees of hotel, not
knows, the honoured guest where exactly lives.
for businessmen in Metropol` business - the centre consisting from eight
of offices in which there is all necessary - copiers, faxes, satellite
telecommunication, computers is opened. These services nebesplatny: hour of hire, for example,
the computer with the printer costs $25.
Visitors of hotel can spend evening at two restaurants Metropolja : Seigniorial -
c classical Russian cuisine, and European - with the international menu.
the breakfast in cost of $22 is daily served in Metropol - to the Hall on 360 places.
it is possible to book also a breakfast in room by means of round-the-clock room - service.
It will manage in $25 (except that, the order of dinners in number will manage on $3 more,
than the sum of the dishes specified in the menu). For comparison: the breakfast in number in Pullman
Iris Hotel costs FF85, i.e. approximately $16.
Located in numbers mini - bars do not approach for fans to pass with
paths : a maximum, on what it is possible to count, - low alcohol beer. And
if you wanted konjachku or whisky it is necessary to glance in bars with
extravagant names Art and Shalyapin .
to Support the health it is possible in the improving centre including 2 saunas,
pool and a gym. There and then it is possible to use services
professional masseurs. Cost of full massage of $30. Observers
mark a small minus - conditions of the improving centre not in full
to a measure correspond to the general level of five-stars hotels.
Arrived to Moscow without the transport Metropol suggests to take
for rent ($23 at an o`clock) following cars: Opel Omega, Nissan Sunny, Nissan
Urvan. For not having driving licence $84 and $58 a day are offered Opel Vectra and Nissan
Sunny c by drivers at the price accordingly. Except small
a choice of cars, experts notice their low class that in any way
corresponds to hotel of such level. For example, in Moscow Olympic Penta Hotel
hire the car can not only the unpretentious client (Hyundai), but also
the person with high enough inquiries (Mercedes-Benz 190 and 300).
Except already mentioned services, in hotel the hairdressing salon and a laundry work. On
services of the hairdresser`s price moderated enough: head washing - $2,
a modelling hairstyle - $6, hair dressing - $8. If you have suddenly soiled a shirt
- be not upset, in a laundry to you will deduce a stain of all for $1. Washing
shirts will manage in eight times more expensively.
the arrangement of hotel and the big hall where usually there are many visitors,
is visible, do not involve in Metropol clients of very high level. On extreme
to a measure, Hans - Dietrichs Gensher (Hans - Dietrich Genscher) and James Bejker (James
Baker) prefer to stop during the visits in Moscow Olympic
Penta Hotel.

Phone Metropol Hotel: (095 927 - 60 - 00.