Rus News Journal

Large charge on false avizovkam

the Son of the watchman is accused of plunder of 1,860 billion roubles

Today, as well as promised on October, 28th, we publish the new details connected with
by a wire false avizo for the sum 1 mlrd 860 million of rbl. to One of suspects
in fulfilment of special large plunder by swindle to Victor Pronin 23
of October official accusation under article 93 " is already brought; tonics Criminal
the code of Russia. Under the informal data, today in Moscow plan
to arrest the seller of false forms avizo (a surname - investigatory secret).

Experts notice that it is the largest theft of money on false avizo from
what while managed to be opened. Earlier caught swindlers who
were content with smaller sums (from 100 to 500 million). And charges
in plunder often showed to figureheads who in case of a failure and
should sit down, according to plans of organizers of operations.
from informal, but authentic sources, it became known that Pronin in
partnership with other persons has carefully planned operation of reception of money on
false avizo and has spent it to the period from April, 10th till May, 29th. Money
has been received on one of its firms (what, it is not disclosed yet) and is instant
are scattered between various commercial structures. A part of means
converted and have forwarded abroad into Pronin`s personal account. By calculations
swindlers, law enforcement bodies should find out a forgery not
earlier, than in the autumn. But criminal case on these avizo have got already in the beginning of June.
Pronin has instantly left from affairs, having torn off all communications. There has then left Vilnius,
where has bought the tourist permit to Switzerland, whence has got over to Austria where
and remained. Under the operative data, abroad Pronin lived on contributions in
foreign banks.
staying in Switzerland, careful Pronin did not stop work and held communication with
Russia on a radio telephone. On his order all firms have been closed and
are re-registered. By the autumn through a personal contact in the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs Pronin has learnt that business
is postponed and 4 months does not arrive in manufacture. Having decided that about it have forgotten,
Victor Pronin has returned to Russia where has been arrested on October, 17th in the car
Mersedes 1992 of the release, written down addressed to his father - the former watchman
one of the Moscow enterprises.
the circle of persons,
spending with Pronin swindle during the investigation has been almost completely established. The consequence assumes to detain them in the nearest
time. The circle of arrested persons assumes to be the extremely interesting - among them
many officials. Today, under the operative information, it is planned
arrest of one of accomplices.
as the correspondent, neither Pronin, nor its lawyers yet
has found out are going to appeal against against the brought accusations. However, on one of interrogations
the lawyer was indignant, by what right the consequence has confiscated Mercedes at
fathers - watchmen.
Victor Pronin`s former employees have expressed desire to meet with
the correspondent next week and to state the version of an event.
about results of a meeting and results of the planned arrest read on November, 11th.