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Money in the Central Bank will suffice on ten crises
  How to increase

Money in the Central Bank will suffice on ten crises

it has sworn to Money Andrey Kozlov. Whether it is possible to trust the first vice-president of the Central Bank? Probably, yes. It is more difficult to believe to those hearings with which the financial market fills. Though these hearings from authentic sources.

Crisis situations are good that all bad and good that in us is, is shown especially brightly. At once at least it is visible, that all of us we stand. More recently through a prism of crisis (financial) the Russian brokers have looked at themselves. It has appeared, brokers in Russia good.
whom you will ask, all say that actions bought and have earned a heap of money. Who sold, not clearly though someone obviously did it: the prices - that of drop actions. And then it is absolutely not clear, than are dissatisfied in Federal Commission on Securities where, on hearings, have solved, what not all companies adequately behaved during crisis. And together with the Russian trading system (where, as it is known, basically actions also address) have decided to reduce strongly the list marketmejkerov. It, I will remind, the companies which are obliged to expose firm quotations on purchase and sale of actions to hold between them a certain difference and by that to do the market. And so, besides on hearings, from such 60 companies want to leave no more than 15. Already by the end of the year.
by the way to be responsible for the behaviour those crisis days it is necessary not only to brokers. It was necessary to answer already to two high-ranking officials - the head of the Central bank Sergey Dubinin and the head of the Federal commission of a securities market to Dmitry Vasilevu which have caused in the State Duma. Deputies have released Dubinin, almost without having set questions. Vasilevu to communicate with deputies it was necessary much longer. Rises, for example, deputy Zhirinovsky and speaks: Companion Vasilev, what such index Nikkei, we know, and what such RTS index? tell that this in general - that the simple question has set the head of the Federal commission thinking, then he has said: Really, the all-Russian index " is necessary;. As that I can offer a share index the Businessman . Why would be not present?
In the middle of last week the head of ONEXIMBANK Vladimir Potanin has made to agency the Prime - TASS the statement. The ONEXIMBANK, has told it, as a whole agrees with the Central Bank offer to divide settlement and kastodialnuju depozitarnuju activity. Also that here especial, you ask, well, agree, and it is good. You are, of course, right. Curiously not the statement, and its background. Tell, in particular, here that.
the Idea to divide these to activity still was stated on October, 20th by the first vice-president of the Central Bank Sergey Aleksashenko. This courageous offer, matter of course, was not pleasant to ONEXIMBANK. Without going into details, I will tell that as a result it should lose a part of the depozitarnogo business which the bank that to hide, very much is proud. And then main in ONEKSIMe on depozitarijam, and in combination vice-president Michael Alekseev has expressed in that spirit that some officials are not right and want to ruin the market. This statement was not pleasant already the Central Bank, and on Neglinku to smooth the conflict Vladimir Potanin has gone. The most interesting here begins. It is said that head ONEKSIMa and the first vice-president of the Central bank have concluded the original bargain: Vladimir Potanin`s subordinates do not criticise the Central Bank, and the Bank of Russia does not put the documents in a shared folder of the compromising evidence on ONEXIMBANK. And you speak - depozitarii!
In general, about vice-presidents of the Central Bank many hearings go. Here, for example, that tell about Sergey Aleksashenko. As - that went to the Central Bank meeting (that, we will notice, happens much more often share crises). The stenographer, having misheard, instead of Aleksashenko in the shorthand report everywhere has written Sashenko. This typing error very much it was pleasant to employees of Bank of Russia and to the first vice-president the nickname of Sashenka was pasted: Sashenka called, Sashenka has signed, yesterday Sashenka caused me. Sergey Aleksashenko, speak, concerns this situation with due understanding.
in the financial market it is a lot of hearings and conversations. That say that the company RINAKO - Plus again sell, Promstrojbank. Or that at many Moscow banks financial problems, and they are going to unite, and the small broker firms which have strongly suffered from crisis, will soon stop the existence, and in Federal Commission on Securities to it only are glad as to watch all it is impossible. Or that three Moscow banks from the first twenty have managed in days of crisis to lose in the market of debts to the London club more than $100 million Or, at last, that in Moscow the representation of the world`s largest investment bank Merrill Lynch will soon open, and there already entice the best heads of the Russian stock market.
... Behind all these merges, absorption, crises and depozitarijami we also have not noticed that the autumn has come to an end, in streets snow and a cold, in the country a flu, and terrible frosts what old residents will not remember in the winter promise. I specially learnt from weather forecasters. Speak, truth.