Rus News Journal

Has opened 1 - I an exhibition of conceptualists

Artists have treated visitors with ritual carrots

on November, 6th in St.-Petersburg in a marble hall of the Russian museum of ethnography
video installation " has opened; Malevich`s Kitchen garden organised by the company
conceptual artists Here - and - there on joint-stock company means Corporation the Twentieth
trust financing all shares of company. Invited it was offered to eat on
to fresh carrot.

on May, 17th, 1992 the company from 7 Petersburg conceptual artists
has dug up in a round court yard of Academy of Arts a square (66) and has sowed
carrots. The project is named Malevich`s Kitchen garden for each participant it has
the sacral sense. In the concept attempt to realise any event,
as included in university system is put.
in the action conclusion on November, 5th the wide layer of the devoted could not only see,
but also to try fruits of secret landings - adult carrots. For this purpose followed
pass through a long white corridor from bed-sheets in which end live
the statue g - on Clinton treated all chishchennoj and washed carrot. The action also
included demonstration of slides zaseivanija a kitchen garden.
having begun the action in May in Academy of Arts and having finished in November in a museum
ethnographies, conceptualists wanted to pay attention of spectators that any
the phenomenon becomes in due course the contrast. Thus dug up
the area, on their plan, should symbolise a black square of a suprematism.
the president the Twentieth trust Sergey Nikeshin has personally visited installation and has eaten
ritual carrot.