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Swisses have brought performance Rasputin

Grigory Rasputin as the fighter for national business

Yesterday on a scene of Big Drama Theatre of G.A.Tovstonogova tours Geneva " have begun; Theatre
de Karuzh which will last till November, 11th. The troupe will show performance
Rasputin under the play of Monik Lasher. The Leading role is executed by the theatre director and
the director of performance George Vod - Vodziski. Statement the treatment of an image distinguishes unusual for
the Russian perception Rasputina: it is presented by Swisses
the fighter for national business.

Theatre de Karuzh - it is considered one of the best in Geneva. In its repertoire -
George Danden Moliere, Rasputin Sigmund Monik Lasher. Rasputin
it is put in 1990 De Karuzh Receives the grant from the Municipal government
Genevas, the canton Geneva and Municipal government Government

On a press - Vod Vodziski conferences has explained that in its treatment Rasputin -
the dissident of times of a monarchy, radetel for the people, the healer, the true Christian .
In turn the author of the play confirms that, so original vision
the historical character was prompted to it by documents with which she worked .
Swiss Rasputin is strict, but is fair and compelled to battle with
degenerating aristocracy in the name of Nikolay II and Felix Jusupova.
soratnitsej the national hero the empress (actress Anna Kjuneo),
anxious by two problems is unique: destiny of Russia, and illness of son Alexey. To help
to it it is capable only moujik mistiqur - Raspoutine .
On a course of enough boring action Rasputin is constantly christened and
sentences on - russki My God pardon! . Nikolay (actor Raul Pastor)
appears not loving spouse, and the coddled homosexual indifferent to
the spouse. Trying to gain Rasputina, he sings to it to the guitar Mum,
I love the swindler! .
presence in performance of only one crowd scene (a party of Rasputina) does it
by actually chamber show: during performance on a scene is present no more
four actors. Thus the Petersburg critics mark not so much
absurdity of the texts said by them which are not concerning Russian history,
how many full feebleness of executors. Tours Theatre de Karuzh
hardly become event, and the western representation about Russian history is faster
will revolt the Petersburg public. But Swisses will have a possibility
will familiarise with mysterious Russian soul: since November, 15th on a scene de Karuzh in
to Geneva of Big Drama Theatre will show Dmitry Astrahana`s performance Behind what you will go, and
you will find under Ostrovsky`s play the Marriage of Balzaminova . Tickets on 50 francs.