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Everyday life vitse - prime minister Shokhin

Russia and Germany patiently goes to the consent

As informed yesterday, Russian vitse - prime minister Alexander Shokhin, having come back
from Bonn where it has carried on short negotiations with the Minister of Finance of Germany
d - rum of Vajgelem, has accepted several journalists among whom was and
the correspondent.

the First problem discussed at negotiations in Germany, - Russian
debts under the credits given still the USSR. This question for Germany
is rather sensitive, as it was the basic creditor of the former USSR.
Shokhin has noted a constructive position of the German government. Though it not
has agreed with offer of Russia to transfer date of offset of debts in quality
Russian since January, 1st, 1991 Last day existence Soviet
the Union (that would be favourable to Russia), but has suggested to conclude special
the agreement on debts of 1991. we accept also such variant, - has told
vitse - the prime minister.
business with calculations in translation roubles more difficult is. The German government,
having lifted reports already nonexistent sevovskogo the International bank on
to economic cooperation, has established that the debts of Soviet Union
GDR make 6,5 billion translation roubles. At an official rate two-year
it - DM17 billion Russia objects prescription, that this sum defined as
debts. For example, the goods from Russia, basically energy carriers,
were delivered to East Germany on obvious to cut prices, and since 1990,
when already there was obvious a fast association of Germany, many enterprises of GDR
began to conclude with the Soviet partners bestovarnye the transactions representing
by self actual converting conditional translation rouble in real DM.
the Russian government believes that it would be fair to conclude so
named the zero agreement (see from November, 4th). However Germans insist,
that Russia has agreed to fix figure 6,5 of billion translation roubles, and
then to carry on negotiations for how these debts to lower.
the following problem - destiny of property of the Western group of armies. One and a half year
back it has been estimated by Soviet Union in DM10,5 billion As Germany not
hurried up to compensate the USSR (Russia) cost of left objects,
has been decided to begin their sale. However constructions were on sale and on sale without
the earths that has caused complexities in their realisation. The first transactions have appeared
unsuccessful - the military property has been bought for the sum making about 5 %
from the declared cost. my personal opinion - we have hurried with realisation
these objects, - Shokhin has told. Lately their cost has increased
by 20 % from the initial price, and for some and for 100 %. The government of Russia sees
one of possible exits in this situation in capitalisation internal
a currency debt of Russia by an exchange frozen in veb currency deposits on
left military facilities in Germany.
As during Shokhin`s visit to Bonn it was not possible to reach the decision of problems,
it has been decided to transfer visit g - on Vajgelja to Moscow, planned on
10 - on November, 12th, for later terms that then already to sign
preliminary agreements on bilateral problems.