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Aktsionirovanie in Kuzbas

Blow under plans of creation of the regional coal company

on November, 6th in Kemerovo the emergency meeting of Council of working committees of Kuzbas, a management of regional administration and the Union of businessmen of Kuzbas has taken place. Results of meeting in the Department of Fuel and Energy in Moscow, on which all " were discussed; coal generals areas, except the general director of concern Kuzbassrazrezugol Victor Kuznetsova, have supported the project of the decree of the president of Russia About transformation to joint-stock companies and privatisations of the enterprises and associations of the coal industry developed in the Department of Fuel and Energy of Russia.

According to point 3 of the project of the decree, 38 percent of shares of the joint-stock companies created at transformation of the coal enterprises, is fixed in the federal property. As the first deputy of the head of administration of area Igor Prokudin has informed, the worst assumptions of a management of the Kuzbass area of have justified that the Department of Fuel and Energy, using unwillingness of many directors to pass under control of local administration, will undertake resolute actions not to admit creation of the proxy regional coal companies (including the companies Coal of Kuzbas ) and their leaving from under control of Moscow.
representatives of administration have noticed at meeting that creation of the federal coal company Rosugol provided by the project, returns a situation by 1988 when all enterprises submitted to the centre and have been deprived any independence. For Rosugol does not incur responsibility neither for coal deliveries, nor for level of its extraction, but will receive thus 38 percent of the income.