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Rosshelf promises 250 thousand workplaces

development of the Shtokmanovsky deposit

Is discussed Yesterday there has begun the activity the working group created by the order vitse - a premiere of Russia Victor Tchernomyrdin for study and the coordination of the questions connected with the possible announcement of competition on development Shtokmanovsky gazokondensatnogo of a deposit, among the world`s largest (see from November, 3rd, 1992).

Stocks Shtokmanovsky deposits (Barents sea) are estimated in 3 trln by cubic m of gas. Extraction, on a number of estimations, can be finished to 50 mlrd cubic m a year. Prospective volume of investments into arrangement - 8 - 12 mlrd dollars apply Now for participation in competition of the company Rosshelf Arktikmorneftegazrazvedka and the consortium of the western companies headed by the Norwegian firm Norsk Gidro (Norsk Hydro).

As it became known, representatives of the Department of Fuel and Energy, Committee on geology and use of bowels are included in working group, the Ministries of Defence and the companies Rosshelf . Under data, the group will consider, in particular, plans Rosshelfa on attraction of the Russian private capitals and foreign credits, and also forms of the further relations with a consortium of the western companies, which else the government of the USSR have been given out certain advance payments concerning a deposit.
observers consider occurrence of the special working group created under the initiative Rosshelfa for studying of its offers, as the approach certificate to the purpose for the sake of which the company also has been founded, - to reception of a key role in a consortium mastering the Shtokmanovsky deposit. Last weeks the company Rosshelf And its president academician Evgenie Velihov advanced in the governmental circles own conditions of carrying out of competition on working out. The basic argument Rosshelfa - ability of the company as representative VPK to mobilise the defensive enterprises for performance of orders for building of trade constructions that, by calculations Rosshelfa will provide 250 thousand workplaces. On a competition course will inform not later than December, 17th.