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  how to earn

All on sale!

In their Soviet period named shopkeepers. Trade was then business favourable, but not prestigious. Now to trade both it is favourable, and it is prestigious. Experts in sales, or “ sejlzy “ - key figures in the majority of the companies as on them depend have arrived firms. That is why demand on good “ sejlzov “ now it is very high, and the sizes of their incomes practically are not limited.

Basically to art to trade it is possible to learn. Experts in sales prepare, for example, at the Moscow state commercial university (the former Institute of the Soviet trade) or at school of managers “ the Arsenal “. But by and large ability to trade is a talent. For “ sejlzov “ it is much more important than vocational education.
this statement does not concern, perhaps, only to experts in foreign trade activities - at them should be economic, financial or juridical education. Besides firms usually demand from the sales managers of knowledge of a foreign language.
but the most important quality without which never to become the good expert in sales, is a skill to communicate. More precisely, ability to gain potential buyers.
one of the main requirements at employment on all specialities - experience presence - to “ sejlzam “ it is shown not always. Moreover, many companies do not take on a post “ sejlzov “ those who worked in the Soviet trade.
now about incomes of experts in sales. There is it of the fixed rate and percent from realisation of the goods. These percent also make the basic part of the income “ sejlzov “: skilled experts with communications can quite count on earnings in 5 - 7 % of the sum of the concluded transactions. It is natural that is the most favourable for “ sejlzov “ - to trade not in the piece goods, and in large lots, for example, metal or oil. However and the base rate of experts in sales depends on sphere of their activity: at “ sejlzov “ trading in consumer goods, it on 12 % above, than at those who sells, say, computers and the software.
Rekrutery predict that the next year demand for managers on sales and heads of sales departments will grow on a quarter: Activity of the trading companies extends, and the companies becomes more and more. Not less than on 20 % the requirement for managers on products will grow. Basically experts with experience of sale of a certain kind of a product will be required. And from - for expansions of activity of the companies in regions - not less than the requirement for area managers will increase by 25 %. Salary growth is expected also. At managers on sales - a minimum on 20 %, at “ merchendajzerov “ working with retail, and experts in foreign trade activities - a maximum on 10 %.


the Most popular experts in sales

By preparation of a rating of the most popular experts in sales have been used the information (the data for November, 1st, 1997), given by the Moscow firms on personnel selection: “ Agency Contact “ “ Agency Ekopolis “ “ the Arsenal “ “ Empire of shots “ Olex.
the Estimation of popularity of trades has been spent as follows. All indicators of a rating (the average salary, dynamics of the salary, demand for a trade) were normirovany: the value corresponding to each trade, is divided on maximum on sample. For calculation of the integrated point all indicators of a rating were weighed on degree of their influence on a total estimation (weight factors were defined on the basis of poll of experts on a labour market). Thus,
a total point: average ηΰπολΰςΰ*35 + dynamics ηΰπολΰςϋ*30 + demand on οπξτερρθώ*35.