Rus News Journal

The most expensive show of 1992

Presentation of a film which will not show

Yesterday in concert hall cash desks Russia sale of tickets on
presentation of a musical film " has ended; Boris Moiseyev and its lady which will take place
here on November, 17th. The presentation can become the most expensive shows of this year in
to Moscow. Platform stars in expensive suits and " are expected; a shower of gold . However
a film to the gathered will not show.

the Organizer of presentation Boris Moiseyev has declared to the correspondent that conceived
it elite show becomes a bomb which will blow up autumn dank serost
capitals . Refined scenery a paradise garden prepare in workshops
the Bolshoi theatre. Will be piro - effects and even heavenly a shower of gold (With
a ceiling). Only on suits of a dancing trio the Expression according to Boris
Moiseyev (the head of a trio), was istracheno about 3,5 million rbl. However
high expenses were not reflected in cost of tickets: their cost (from 30 to
50 rbl.) Has not exceeded the usual prices of a concert hall Russia .
Moiseyev has declared, its this day a paradise garden Lima will visit Vajkule who
for the sake of it show promised to interrupt for three days the tours in the USA. In
an unusual toilet on the beauty, brought from Germany, and
to the extravagant hat bought in Israel Irina Ponarovsky is expected.
Valery`s Singer too promises to shock spectators with an unusual variety suit.
as it became known to the correspondent, Valery will appear before public in
Eve`s suit . ` the Lady Russia ` Lyudmila Zykina will show to public little-known
the party of the talent having acted in unexpected for the spectator of role. Ilze
Liepa and Polischuk`s Love promised to Moiseyev to give a surprise.
the only thing that will not show on presentation so it is the film. As
Moiseyev, " has told; Purely technically its display on presentation has appeared
is impossible .