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Appointments and removals

New people at the management average level

As well as it was promised in number for November, 6th, we publish the information on the new first deputy of the chairman of the State committee on the industrial policy Igor Shurchkove.

42 - summer Shurchkov has ended the Moscow institute of electronic technics on a speciality electronics and automatics a Dr.Sci.Tech. In 1986 - 1988 - the deputy chief of the Main thing scientifically - technical management of the Ministry of the industry of communication facilities of the USSR. The next two years - the chief of this management. Since July, 1991 - the trustee and the head of Central administrative board of scientific researches also it is skilled - design workings out of concern a Telecom . In December of the same year Shurchkov has been appointed by the general director of department of communication facilities of the Ministry of the industry of Russia. To supervise over department to it it was necessary, however, not for long as in July, 1992 it has passed to work in secretary of the first deputy of the chairman of the government Vladimir Shumejko.
observers connect Naznachenie Shurchkova that Gaydar`s command aspires to strengthen the influence at the management average level, leaning against pragmatically adjusted technocrats. On the other hand, in the State Committee on the industrial policy to the correspondent have explained that in conditions when the post of the chairman of committee remains free, the figure which could represent purely nominally at least this committee in mutual relations with other governmental structures is necessary. There consider that Shurchkov can do it with the big success .
Yesterday late at night has received the information on new appointments as a part of a management of machinery of government and the ministries of Russia. The order of the government the adviser of its chairman appoints Alla Synkova. Simultaneously from a post of the director of department of an air transportation (in the rank of the first deputy minister) the transport Ministries Alexander Larin has been dismissed, and the head of department on interaction with the international financial organisations of Governmental body Alexey Mozhin is translated for other work. Details will write in number from November, 11th.