Rus News Journal

Large swindlers

" are arrested; the Sun it was lighted on false avizo

Yesterday early in the morning the joint operation begun on November, 5th
the Ministries of Internal Affairs, the Departments of Internal Affairs of Moscow and Moscow
OMON on detention of three swindlers who have received the large sum of money on
fictitious avizo has ended. Arrested persons have shown to militiamen resistance.

Arrested persons the inhabitant of the Chechen Republic Musatov and Muscovites of Ajbueva and Wolves, by data
militias, have translated on the settlement account the Sun which director is
Wolves, 142 million rbl. from the joint-stock company account Amigo where on
false avizo has arrived 1 mlrd 700 million rbl. of 800 million More arrested persons
have translated in the various commercial organisations. Musatov and Ajbuevoj from
the Sun have been received: Furniture sets, foreign cars, 8
million rbl. cash, checks Russia for the sum of 31 million rbl. As a result of a series
searches it is withdrawn over 10 million rbl., import equipment on 2 million rbl., 2
car Mercedes, 3 cars of Volvo - 940 and one - VAZ - 2109, forms
various bank documents with prints of the seals are settlement - the cash centres
Novosibirsk and Moscow. About the first results of a consequence read on November, 14th.