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In Lithuania the constitution

to Lithuanians is entered it is necessary to elect the president

Yesterday the chairman of the Supreme body of Lithuania Vitautas Landsbergis solemnly
has signed the state Organic law which article 1 proclaims Lithuania
independent democratic republic. At ceremony there were members
the governments, representatives of political parties and movements, members
parliament, members of presidium VS, and also foreign diplomats. Algirdas
Brazauskasa on signing was represented by its assistant Gediminas Kerkelas.

Ceremony lasted about 25 minutes. Vitautas Landsbergis who has signed
the constitution, in the speech has expressed satisfaction that circumstance that,
despite distinctions some political views Began possible to find
the compromise comprehensible to all which have found reflexion in the Constitution which
corresponds to all international norms. Then Landsbergis has congratulated
the members who have prepared the document of the government, and he was congratulated by representatives
political movements and parties and foreign visitors. Ceremony was broadcast
on the air
the New Constitution of Lithuania provides introduction in post republic
the president which elections can will take place in the end of this year. Signing
the Organic law on the eve of the second round of voting in the Diet which will pass
on November, 15th, will give to forthcoming struggle special dramatic nature. The destiny of the state will depend on the decision
voters, on - an extreme measure, on the nearest
5 years. Arrangement of political forces in this struggle became clear already after
the first round of voting when the convincing victory was gained Democratic
by the labour party with the leader Brazauskasom. It, certainly, was
unpleasant unexpectedness for the leader of present parliament of Lithuania Landsbergisa,
project of the new constitution actively participating in working out and is unconditional
dreaming to become the president of independent Lithuania. Whether
there is a Constitution last of the major signed by Landsbergisom
documents will show time. The charges brought against it enough
are serious, and can undermine trust of the majority of voters. National economy
is in a deplorable state, the forthcoming winter will bring many problems
from - for absence of energy carriers. The distribution of the earth spent in the spring in private
the property has led to reduction of the landing areas that, in turn,
has caused infringement of agricultural balance in republic. But, in opinion
observers, it is not necessary to be under a delusion and into the account of political authority
with Brazauskasa in republic. Though Brazauskas is today the supporter
moderate reforms in frameworks skandinavsko - the Finnish model of the development, many inhabitants
Lithuania cannot while to forget its communistic past.