Rus News Journal

What will be this week?

on November, 9th, Monday

From November, 9 till November, 13th in Moscow in a mayoralty building on New Arbate there will pass the International conference on banking in Russia with participation of representatives of commercial banks of Russia, the USA and the Western Europe, organised by Association of the Russian banks, the Russian association joint-stock - commercial industrially - building banks and the international non-governmental association the Union of lawyers with assistance of the Central bank of Russia.
9 - on November, 10th - Yeltsin`s visit to Great Britain.
performance Give, the actor! directed by Arcady Raikin at theatre the Satyricon .

on November, 10th, Tuesday
Nazarbayev`s Visit to Turkey.
James Carter`s visit to Moscow will presumably begin.
the Moscow international stock exchange in the House of journalists will celebrate the two-year anniversary.
exhibition opening World Food - 92 .
In Ekaterinburg exhibition opening " will take place; the personal computer World .
the Next auctions of the Moscow interbank currency stock exchange.
performance Anfisa on Leonid Andreeva`s drama in branch of theatre of Mayakovsky.
festival the Moscow autumn - 14 in the Concert hall of Tchaikovsky.

on November, 11th, environment
Congress of country council of foremen of Chechens.
Yeltsin`s visit to Hungary.
11 - on November, 12th - visit of Snegura to Turkmenistan.
11 - on November, 13th Carter intends to visit Alma - Atu.
business - a seminar within the limits of a tennis Kremlin Cup Will open.
11 - on November, 12th in Italo - the Russian chamber of commerce the exhibition - a seminar " will take place; Laser art processing of materials .
the Next auctions of Sankt - the Petersburg currency stock exchange.
opening of an exhibition of painting of Peter Valjusa in the Central house of the artist.
performance King Lir directed by Sergey Zhenovacha at theatre on Small Bronnoj.

on November, 12th, Thursday
the Next auctions of the Moscow interbank currency stock exchange.
in the Arena - opening of an exhibition of artists of Russia.

on November, 13th, Friday
Congress of the people of Dagestan.
a meeting in Moscow heads of the governments of the states CIS of economic problems.
13 - on November, 14th - Congress of the Osset people.
the annual meeting of shareholders of Tjumensko - the Moscow stock exchange " Will take place; Hermes .
the Opera the Imperial bride in the Bolshoi theatre.
in the Big hall of Conservatory the concert of the Russian national symphonic orchestra under control of M.Pletnev and B.Davidovicha (USA) will take place.

on November, 14th, Saturday
Plenum vsetatarskogo the public centre.
session of organising committee of unifying congress of communists.
14 - on November, 15th - congress the Civil union .
4 years Are executed by Inkombanku.
Ball in the House of the Unions.
the embassy of the USA arranges Sea ball in hotel Olympic Penta in honour of 217 - j anniversaries of the Sea infantry American division.
in the Bolshoi theatre the concert from Dmitry Shostakovich`s products will take place.
performance Elektra directed by Yury Ljubimova at theatre on Taganke.

on November, 15th, Sunday
9 session VS of Kazakhstan.
repeated voting by elections in a diet of Lithuania.
visit of the ambassador of Belgium to Bishkek.