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The market of insurance services

That on us has not come insured event

Now in Russia operates more than one and a half thousand insurance companies. One third from them has licences for insurance activity. The Russian insurers offer almost all types of service which quality, according to the experts, quite meets requirements of the market. At the same time, demand for insurance services in Russia remains rather low and restrains frequently total absence of the information on a financial position of the insurance organisations, and also insufficient guarantees of their stability. The new rules which have taken effect since November, 1st of licensing of insurance activity according to which control over the finance of insurance firms will carry out the state, appreciably meet this lack that, from our point of view, can raise demand for insurance services.

In insurance of credits it is better less, yes it is better
the Principal view of activity for the majority of the insurance companies there is an insurance of credits (or insurance of responsibility of the borrower before bank). In Moscow, for example, credits insure more than 90 % of insurance societies. On the one hand, experts notice high enough and steady demand for this type of service caused by that banks refuse to give out credits without a guarantee of the insurance company. On the other hand, insurance of credits to rather favourably and insurers: as a whole level of payments on them it is ready above, than by other kinds of insurance, and allows insurance firms to increase the capital easily.

average rates of the Moscow insurance societies on insurance of credits the following: ASTROVASES - 9,5 % of the insurance sum, Moscow suburbs - 13,5 %, RASO - 10 %, Stinvest - 11 %, Roslesstrahovanie - 12 %, TSentrorezerv - 10 %. RASO recently has started to insure the credits given to private persons (under 5 - 8 %).

However the majority of insurance societies, aspiring to reduce the risk connected with a non-return of insured credits, spend careful check of each credit and often refuse to clients. In general, insurers prefer to work with clients known for it, providing for them discounts from insurance payment. SAO Servisrezerv for example, insures credits on the average under 12 %, but for the clients addressing in second time, the payment decreases to 8 %, for the same who addresses in the third time - to 5 %.
Nevertheless insurance of credits remains risky enough employment, and at adverse coincidence of circumstances the sum of losses of the insurance company can exceed the collected payments.
the Insurance companies face sometimes frank swindle from the borrower. So, in January, 1992 an insurance society Servisrezerv has paid to Moscow Rosstrojbanku of 12 million roubles as compensation under the contract of insurance of the credit which has been given out by this bank to the enterprise Seven-mountains national concern Butek . As it was found out, the money received in bank was appropriated by the general director Seven-mountain Yury Kadeev against whom criminal case under item 93 (plunder of public and state property in especially large sizes subsequently has been brought). However it is not possible to find Kadeeva, and Servisrezerv till now cannot return at least a part of the paid money.
by a recognition of insurers, there are some ways, allowing to deceive the insurance company. The most simple scheme is that: Almost simultaneously the bank gives out to the client two credits, last of which is insured in the insurance company. Thus the second credit stands out on almost bezriskovuju operation and insurance, basically, does not demand. The money received under the second credit, bank spends as repayment of the first credit and percent on it. If the first credit does not come back, the bank shows the listed sum to the insurance company as a loss under the insurance contract. A necessary condition of such operation - presence of the account of the borrower in a creditor bank.
some insurance companies assert that they can insure all offered credits without preliminary check. However such tactics can already appear dangerous to the client as it is often accompanied by refusals of the company of the obligations at insured event approach. In particular, the list of cases which easily allows the insurer to find an occasion to refusal can be included in insurance conditions. For example, can be specified that the society does not bear responsibility at utere trust to the client or it a negligence . A number of insurers refuses to pay compensation to bank if the client does not write the application that cannot extinguish the credit.

in the end of September SAO Russia (see from October, 14th, p. 14) has refused to pay compensation to Russian joint-stock commercial bank, referring that the society bears responsibility only in cases the inadvertent actions of the borrower which has caused impossibility of return of extra means .
In this connection, it is necessary to notice that frequently clients do not pay attention to the conditions of insurance developed by the insurer, or simply do not know about their existence. To avoid in the subsequent troubles, to the client or the bank accepting the policy as a guarantee, it is necessary to demand at the conclusion of the contract of insurance inclusion in it of the list of cases when the insurance company does not bear responsibility. However, proceeding from existing precedents of refusal of the companies to pay compensation, it is possible to make the conclusion that the court will support the client, referring to the indistinct formulation in the conditions of insurance.
we will notice that among the Moscow insurers RASO is a unique society which can refuse compensation payment only under a condition if the bank addresses for it after term of limitation of actions.

property insurance
among property kinds of insurance uses the Greatest demand insurance of cargoes and vehicles.
thus the most risky for insurers still have insurance of cars. One of the Moscow insurance companies, for example, had to pay recently 8 million roubles of insurance compensation literally for a week. Observers believe that many companies continue to insure cars only because it can create to firm good advertising thanks to a great demand on the given type of service.

in the Moscow region insurance firms " are engaged in insurance of cars; Stinvest Moscow suburbs ASTROVASES ASKO the Dyne Progress Hope Russia . Car insurance is the cheapest manages in Progress : insurance upon stealing costs there 2,6 % of the insurance sum, and insurance upon a damage - 1,8 %.
originally insurance companies aspired to create repair bases which would allow to lead insurance with a guarantee of regenerative repair. Now such insurance becomes the expensive, but also, according to some insurers, clients quite accept compensation in the monetary form.
as a rule, in all companies the client can be insured on those conditions which suit it on responsibility volume (stealing, a damage, the loss of commodity cost limited and full responsibility) more. In to the ASTROVASE and Moscow suburbs it is possible to be insured on the conditions providing reception of compensation it is simple upon a damage without a presentation of the inquiry of GAI that is and when the client himself has broken the car.
until recently the car could be insured at the declared cost, but now insurers limit the insurance sums, and for the money received for the stolen car, the new car of the same mark any more will not buy.
At compensation payment for partial damages all insurance companies use system of factors according to which the size of compensation is defined at cost of spare parts and repair during the period when there were fixed prices (the price-list - 50 for 1978), multiplied by the factor showing, in how many time average retail price of the car (each firm counts him independently) has grown.