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What the good?

all left how we wanted that

Probably before to sit down and write ninety lines to a heading What
the good? it is necessary to close an office door, having hinted friends - to those colleagues
most, what not before idle talk, brothers to concentrate and easy to remember: and what,
actually, such good was last week? Having made all
the listed manipulations, I have understood that the choice of especially positive events and
calculation of their relative density among events of average quality and events
qualities below an average will inevitably put me in a position of the person
the justifying. And will - bondage I will convince all that is at us
an occasion to optimism because despite the fact that - that and se - that, life not so
is bad because there was that - that and se - that. But it at all that I have in
to a kind, undertaking a writing of this text. Everything that I want to tell apropos
good in our life is that our world as it seems strange,
completely reflects our wishes - obvious or hidden. And if very much it would be desirable,
that life was normal, there are no obstacles that it
takovoju and was.

During the stay of the developed socialism, dezhurno porugivaja the validity, many
dreamt of time when Russia becomes civilised country. Dreams
were materialised - or have started to be materialised - but only when
this desire became strong enough and mass enough. Now we tell
about the share market or the currency auctions easily and naturally - as though all life
only about it and spoke. We say that somebody has gone to holiday
where - nibud French riviera or Malta type so budnichno as though all
life for us, as well as for the whole world, the lack of means was a unique obstacle for
travel. The constitutional court considering the claim
concerning the decision of the president, became for a long time one of events among others where
more essential, and mass media give it no more places, than to messages
about bank or firm presentation. Industrial monster KamAz has solved on last
to week to change the strategy so abruptly that can soon offer
to the consumer not that to it, the consumer, according to the industrial monster,
it is necessary, and that to it, the consumer, in general would be desirable.
And this transfer at all once again to throw up the hands
for pleasure or to prove to someone that life not so is sad, time in it is so much
civilisation signs. It to that the country, appears, has received
exactly what wanted - with all costs and consequences. Steel events
a natural consequence of someone`s acts and desires in the past. Past
week not an exception.
Balts from first day of involuntary partnership in the USSR considered Russia
as the country - zahvatchitsej, and Russian (byvsh. Soviet) army, certainly,
the occupational. And consequently their present impatient determination to be released from
presence of the Russian armies is quite clear. Quite clearly, as Russia
does not have any bases to refuse to deduce military men from the Baltic countries,
because armies in general - that have nothing to do in another`s states where them to
to the same for a long time already do not want to see. And all goes to that the long-term dream
the Baltic people a little more and will be carried out though all there are some years back
it it seemed unreal. However the problems which have arisen about it on
last week, in connection with carrying over by Russia of term of a withdrawal of troops, at the nearest
consideration are quite natural and are logic continuation of events
the past. Because as Balts have the right to demand process acceleration,
and the Russian authorities have the right to tighten at its slightest possibility
- with their families it is necessary where - that to lodge military men and as - that to employ. And as
further events developed - whether the parties about something quickly and
distinctly will agree or infinite dismantlings with threats and acts of terrorism will go - the result
will quite correspond to time and a scene of action, not to mention participants
and precisely also it is not so important, hearings about assumed
shifts in the cabinet, excited public last week are how much true.
Yeltsin Will hand over somebody from members of the cabinet of reforms to please to parliament or
on the contrary - will not allow to fall to hair from goals of ministers, undoubtedly, has
value for the further succession of events. But not so, to run in
a panic because everything that occurs - a normal game of politics. And
if someone wanted another he was mistaken: frictionless process of a birth of new forms of the power can be a consequence of our antecedents not
. Not to mention
volume that where the power, there and struggle.
analyzing in this spirit of event of last week, I have come to not absolutely
ozhidannomu for myself to a conclusion: it is senseless to take offence at circumstances if
they have naturally resulted from our thoughts and acts in the past. And if one
time for itself to decide that it so then at once it becomes clear: in a heading from
ninety lines under the name What the good? It is possible at desire to carry
almost all events of any week.