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the Ideal dog for a city - the king of terriers

In following uik - end (24 - on April, 25th) in a city of Odintsovo (Moscow Region), in sports Palace the Spark in Park street, d. 20, there will pass an exhibition - show of dogs. On April, 24th decorative breeds will be presented, on April, 25th airdales become the basic breed at an exhibition. It will be spent interekspertiza in which work the expert from Great Britain of Mrs. Rut Millar (Root Millur) - the owner of nursery " will take part; Karudon .

in the middle of the XIX-th century in a picturesque valley of the river Ejr in Jorkshire the largest representative of group of terriers - an airdale was born. All its smaller relatives were deduced for hunting, as a rule is nornye dogs with the fine hunting data. At the first stages of deducing of breed the airdale was considered Working terrier : with it went shooting and grazed herds. Then them began to name water terriers - they perfectly finished with water rats and were considered as tireless swimmers. On one of versions, as ancestors of a modern airdale are considered Old English it is black - a red terrier, harrier, vydrovaja the hound and the Border Collie. But whatever blood, the main thing have been mixed that today there is a fine breed of dog with purely English character erdel - the magnificent hunter, the unsurpassed sportsman and the partner.
for the first time the group of airdales has been presented at an exhibition in 1883 to England, and in Russia these dogs have appeared in 1904 (the International Red cross has presented Russian army of four sanitary dogs). Perfectly worked erdeli during the Great Patriotic War, they were used for search of mines, rescue of wounded men, and also as signalmen.
Erdel - the intelligent, elegant, harmoniously combined dog. At it quiet character that does not disturb to it sometimes and to gambol. The dog is very quick-witted and tender, extremely seldom happen unbalanced. This noble it is black - the red dog with pleasure will play with your children and instantly will rise on their protection if will feel though the slightest danger.
feature of an airdale - it does not fade at all. At correct processing erdel it is always tidy and pure, and even the wet dog practically does not publish an unpleasant smell. Airdales - one of few breeds of dog who is not subject almost to infectious diseases. In meal the airdale is unpretentious, but if him to feed only with soup and sausages - not to avoid illness. It is necessary, that at its diet was present daily 300 - 500 g crude meat, and also vegetables and cottage cheese.
on the dimensions, appearance and character erdel - an ideal dog for a city. If you want, that at you has appeared new frictionless a member of a family - get an airdale, only do not buy it in clubs with doubtful reputation. All who though has got once an airdale, usually do not change the attachments, remaining adherents purely English style .

it is a little about the breed standard:
Growth of a dog - 58 - 62, the bough - 55 - 58 see the General view - the dog is harmoniously combined, a strong constitution. Erdel it is compact, a square format. It should not be flat at all and stretched. Holka high and well expressed, a waist short, a straight line croup, not too short, the tail is planted very highly, stopped on one third. A bite - nozhnitseobraznyj, as a last resort a straight line. Wool - rigid to the touch, with large curls (waves), after trimminga should adjoin and contain densely as less as possible an underfur. Okras - it is desirable a bright, black shabrack (the top part of a dog), red paws and a muzzle. Soft light wool is rejected at cultivation.

some words about a choice of a puppy. It should be active and well-fad. Already at monthly age should be able to stand in a characteristic rack. The case - compact, a tail is planted highly, stopped not shortly. Wool at a puppy wavy and skintight (not curly). It is better, if you choose the brightest puppy.

on all questions it is possible to address in the Moscow club NOEL . Ph.: (095 599 - 40 - 60, 445 - 16 - 56, 366 - 98 - 69.

In the beginning of April the All-Russia club of fans of rare breeds of dog (VKLRPS) has concluded contracts with foreign firms on purchase two times in a month of thoroughbred puppies from world famous manufacturers. The Russian cynologists have already left in some foreign nurseries for studying and selection of a livestock of dogs for the purpose of cultivation in our country. In the beginning of the next week in Russia representatives of following breeds will be delivered: a mastiff, mastino - neapolitano, a bullmastiff and the commodore. The price will depend on a rarity of this or that breed (the most expensive - $1500 - $3000). VKLRPS undertakes to conduct careful supervision (including veterinary service) for puppies and to supply the pupils with a forage.

on all questions interesting you it is possible to address by phone: (095 264 - 45 - 06.