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TODAY and TOMORROW - the main Christian holiday in honour of Revival Christ`s - Easter. This holiday differently name the tsar of days a holiday of holidays as the iskupitelnoj death and Revival the Lord has opened doors of lost paradise and eternal life for a human race.
the holiday of Revival Christ`s is called as Easter as the main evangelical events were made in days of an ancient Judaic holiday which was celebrated before Christ`s Revival. This day, according to told in the Gospel, the God death of the Christ was made. Easter was marked by Jews in memory of their disposal of the Egyptian slavery. This day iudei pinned up an one-year-old lamb and greased with its blood jambs and crossbeams of doors. Was considered that an angel pogubljajushchy seeing blood on the Jewish houses, spared the Jewish families.
the Easter innocent person of Jews is considered Jesus Christ prototype as the Christ has been sacrificed By the Father. As explains secret of expiation Church, God the Father has so loved created by it and the fallen world that for its clarification and rescue has doomed to sacrificial sufferings Of the Son. Therefore in the Gospel the Christ is called Innocent person Bozhiim the easter Innocent person and during a Christian epoch Easter has received the New treasured value. For Christians God death of the Savior inseparably linked with Its subsequent Revival marking future revival from dead all people. In easter church chanting it is sung: the Christ voskrese from dead, smertiju on death having trampled and real in grobeh a stomach having granted .
Easter is marked on Sunday after a full moon, and the most strict both long sincere and corporal post - Great this afternoon comes to an end. Expectation of Revival Christ`s begins the day before on the Holy Saturday. By tradition believers or on morning divine service consecrate in the afternoon the prepared Easter eggs, Easter cakes and so-called Easter (cheese or cottage cheese piles) with which after night service it is necessary razgovljatsja. The solemn service begins late at night and lasts till Sunday morning. Believers as a sign of special pleasure have control over the lighted candles. During service priests and forthcoming address to each other with exclamations the Christ voskrese! - Truly voskrese! . Thus believers embrace, three times kiss and give each other Easter eggs. The custom of donation of eggs goes from sacred Maria Magdaliny who has brought to emperor Tiveriju red egg with an easter greeting. Egg serves as a symbol of a coffin and life occurrence in its bowels, and the red paint of egg symbolises our revival by blood Christ`s. During service religious procession round a temple, that " is made; to meet the Christ - in memory of that as mironositsy have met Him after revival about Jerusalem.
after service usually occur razgoveny - a solemn meal on which the products forbidden during a post necessarily move: meat and a bird, cottage cheese, cheese and butter, boiled eggs, and also spirits. Easter celebrating proceeds throughout all first week on Easter called Light sedmitsej during which time it is necessary to rejoice and have fun . On Light in all days the use of all products and drinks is authorised. Divine services are made at constantly open imperial gate that marks open doors in life eternal.

the TRETYAKOV GALLERY (the Crimean shaft, 10/ 14, bodies. (095) 230 - 77 - 80): on April, 19th in 16. 00 opening of an exhibition of painting and Antonina Sofronovoj`s drawing (1892 - 1966) will take place. On April, 23rd in 16. 00 exhibition opening " will take place; Sweet Europe, Bible Books . Daniel Mitljansky, Svetlana Donsky and Maxim Mitljansky will present a sculpture, textiles, painting.
the CENTRAL HOUSE of the ARTIST (the Crimean shaft, 10/ 14, bodies. (095) 238 - 19 - 66): the gallery exhibition " from April, 20th till May, 2nd will work; Kes de On . Conceptual art is presented. From April, 21st till May, 2nd - an exhibition of products of Fialki Shterenberg. In an exposition about 80 pictorial works 1936 - 1993 Since April, 21st - gallery Together represents works from the collection. On April, 21st in 17. 00 gallery the New ark (bodies. (095) 165 - 49 - 73) opens exhibitions: Songs of Saturday (painting and Vyacheslav Polishchuka`s drawing) and a commercial exhibition (will last till May, 2nd) I am a city madman (pictorial works of Stefana Sadovnikova). The exhibition of products from collection RINAKO " From April, 22nd till May, 9th will work; Art as the power, the power as art (conceptual art).
GALLERY art - REJ (Peresvetov of the lane, 4, a building 1, bodies. (095) 275 - 22 - 28): the personal exhibition of painting of Alexander Pankina on April, 20th opens.
the PHOTOCENTER (Gogol - r, 8, bodies. (095) 290 - 41 - 88): on April, 20th in 17. 00 exhibition opening " will take place; the Black fountain . In an exposition - works of the French photomasters from Marseilles. The exhibition will last till May, 16th.
GALLERY M ` ARS (It is small. Filevsky street, 32, bodies. (095) 146 - 20 - 29): on April, 20th in 18. 00 opening of an exhibition of products of Cyril Protopopova (sculpture) and Valery Bashenina (painting) will take place.
LENIN`S CENTRAL MUSEUM. EXPOCENTRE (Revolution Square, 2, bodies. (095) 923 - 35 - 36): from April, 21st till May, 5th - an exhibition the Kharkov opening day (painting and a drawing of the Kharkov artists).
GELMAN GELERI (street Bol. Yakimanka, 2/ 6, bodies. (095) 238 - 84 - 92): on April, 22nd in 17. 00 exhibition opening " will take place; the Creeping line on a step pyramid - etchings and a creeping line Vitaly Komara and Alexander Melamida.
GALLERY the UNION (Smolensk street, 6, bodies. (095) 241 - 02 - 55): the exhibition of the pictorialist from Kuwait Jasema Behbehani " on April, 19th opens; Through a fiery storm .

SANKT - Petersburg
GALLERY BOREJ (Foundry, 58): Dmitry Shubina`s personal exhibition on which the new cycle of works of the artist is presented on April, 21st opens.
GALLERY the ANDREEVSKY HOUSE (8 line, 3): Since April, 24th - an exhibition Revival devoted to Easter holiday.

the BOLSHOI THEATRE: on April, 20th and 24 - an opera of J. Verdi a Traviata . On April, 21st - ballet on music of Minkusa the Bayadere . On April, 23rd and 25 - ballet Anyuta .
LENKOM: on April, 19th and 20 - performance Mad day, or Zhenitba Figaro under Beaumarcha`s play. Yury Mahaeva and Mark Zaharova`s statement. In leading roles - Dmitry Pevtsov, Natalia Schukin, Alexander Lazarev, Alexander Zaharova. On April, 21st and 22 - Dmitry Lipskerova`s play School for emigrants directed by Mark Zaharova. On April, 23rd - performance Sorri under Alexander Galina`s play. Director Gleb Panfilov. In a leading role Inna Churikova. On April, 24th and 25 - performance the Bremen musicians directed by Peter Shtejna.
the SATYRICON: on April, 20th - Evgenie Schwarz`s play the Naked king directed by Alexander Gorbanja. In leading roles - Alexey Yakubov, Maria Ivanov and Vyacheslav Petrushin. On April, 21st - a comedy - ballet the Imaginary patient under Moliere`s play. Alexander Gorbanja`s statement. In performance are occupied Jeanne Tokarsky, Alexander Korzhenkov, Lika Nifontova, Yury Olennikov, Feodor Dobronravov, Marina Ivanov, Alexander Rezalin, Elena Butenko. On April, 22nd - performance Sirano de Bergerac under the play of Edmona Rostana (joint statement of Theatre of Anton Chekhov and the Satyricon ) . Director Leonid Trushkin, artist Leonid Andreev. The leading role is executed by Konstantin Raikin. On April, 23rd and 25 - Jean Eugene`s play Servants directed by Roman Viktuk. Alla Sigalovoj`s choreography. Roles execute Vladimir Bolshov, Alexander Korzhenkov, Sergey Zarubin and Alexander Zuev. On April, 24th - a musical the Baghdad thief directed by Alexander Gorbanja.

SANKT - Petersburg
the MARYINSKY THEATER: on April, 18th and 19 Sergey Prokofiev`s ballet Romeo and Juliette on April, 22nd and 23 Yury Grigorovich`s ballet the Legend about love renewed by troupe in this season. In the main party Julia Mahalina. On April, 25th on a Maryinsky Theater scene the known troupe " acts; Choreographic miniatures with Adolf Adana`s ballet Giselle
ALEKSANDRINSKY THEATRE: on April, 19th and 20 on a theatre scene the troupe from Munich (Germany) " will act; An - Gertnerplats With a performance of the well-known play of Genrika Ibsen Per Gjunt on April, 24th - Hamlet directed by Rostislava Gorjaeva with Victor Smirnova and Nina Urgant`s participation.
Big Drama Theatre OF TOVSTONOGOVA: on April, 20th performance Under elms under the play of Eugene About ` Nile directed by Temura Chheidze. In a leading role Cyril Lavrov. On April, 21st Behind what you will go, you will find - Dmitry Astrahana`s statement on Ostrovsky`s comedy the Marriage of Balzaminova . In roles Nina Usatova, Andrey Tolubeev, Olga Volkova. On April, 22nd - George Tovstonogova`s performance Vigorous people with Evgenie Lebedev and Valentines Kovel`s participation. On April, 23rd - Visit of the old lady under the play of Fridriha Djurrenmata. In Valentine Kovel`s leading role. On April, 24th - a nest Of noble family directed by Michael Reznikovicha.
OPEN THEATRE: on April, 18th and 22 Tatyana Kazakovoj`s performance the Roundabout on g - well to Freud With Sergey Migitsko in a leading role. On April, 23rd - performance You and only you under Toma Stopparda play Reflections . Oleg Levakova`s statement, in leading roles Larissa Luppian and Sergey Migitsko.
THEATRE OF the KOMISSARZHEVSKY: on April, 19th - Alexander Isakova`s performance the Holiday of phantoms under the play of Noela Kauarda. In a leading role Boris Sokolov. On April, 18th and 24 - performance Antiques under the play of Finnish playwright Anni Pukema with Inna Slobodsky, Peter Shelohonova, Galina Korotkevich`s participation. On April, 20th - Caesar and Cleopatra directed by Alexander Belinsky. Leading roles execute Tatyana Kuznetsova and Stanislav Landgraf. On April, 22nd and 23 - performance the French features under the play of Morisa Lasega and Jean - Jacque Brikkera. The director - Alexander Isakov.
THEATRE the BALTIC HOUSE : on April, 23rd and 24 on a small scene - theatre the Comedian - trust with performance - a farce Bosh in a dress coat with Natalia Fisson and Sergey ShCherbina`s participation. Director Vadim Fisson.
SMALL DRAMA THEATRE: on April, 19th and 20 - performance of the Lion of Dodin Brothers and sisters . In leading roles Peter Semak, Sergey Bekhterev, Natalia Fomenko.
THEATRE ON the FOUNDRY: on April, 21st and 22 - Theatre performance on Small Bronnoj the Marriage directed by Anatoly Efros.

the MOVIE CENTRE: on April, 19th - in a cycle Stars of foreign cinema : Izabel Jupper in films the True story of the Lady with camellias (France, 1980) and the Chippy (France, 1982). Director K.Paskal. On April, 20th - in a cycle a Genre doomed to success - Jack Li Thompson`s classical western Gold of Makkeny (the USA, 1968) With participation of the Lobster of Sharif and Gregory Peka. On April, 21st - director Igor Gostev represents a film Grey Wolves (studio the Word 1993). In roles of Rolan of Bulls, Peter Velyaminov, the Lion Durov, Gennady Sajfullin, Alexander Belyavsky, Bogdan the Mortar. On April, 22nd in 14. 00 in a cycle the retroprogram for pensioners - a feature film Wedding with a dowry (1953). In a cycle Film university in 19. 00 - premier display of the film novel of Taimuraz Babluani the Sun not sleeping (Georgia). On April, 23rd in a cycle the Exclusive - a film - grotesque on motives to lead Sergey Dovlatov a high security Comedy . Directors M.Grigoriev and V.Studennikov. In leading roles Victor Sukhorukov, Ivan Krivoruchko, Lev Kubarev. On April, 24th in a cycle Psychoanalysis in masterpieces of world cinema - Ingmar Bergman films the Strawberry glade (1957) And the Autumn sonata (1974). On April, 25th in the same cycle - a film the Nuremberg process (the USA, 1961) . Director Stenli Kramer. In roles of Bert Lancaster, Spenser Trejsi, Dzhudi Garlend, Marlene Dietrich.

SANKT - Petersburg
the CINEMA OCTOBER : the premiere of a picture Alexey Uchitelja " on April, 19th will take place; Butterfly stroke about Roman Viktuk. In a meeting with spectators will take part a film crew and Roman Viktuk.

the CONCERT HALL Russia : on April, 19th - festival of children`s creativity Hope . 23, on April, 24th and 25 - author`s evening of composer Alexander Morozova.
VARIETY THEATRE: on April, 19th and 20 - creative evenings of Larissa Dolinoj. On April, 23rd - creative evening of writer Michael Mishina.
the BIG HALL of CONSERVATORY: on April, 20th - a memorial evening of Aram Hachaturjana. On April, 22nd and 23 - an orchestra St.-Petersburg - Camerata and the Moscow academic chamber chorus. In the program - Mozart. On April, 24th - evening of piano music. Barry Douglas (Great Britain). In the program - Beethoven, Skryabin, Rakhmaninov, Debussy, Chopin. On April, 25th - Dmitry Alekseev (piano) will execute Chopin and Schuman`s products.

SANKT - Petersburg
the PHILHARMONIC SOCIETY of the NAME of SHOSTAKOVICH (the BIG HALL): on April, 20th - the Academic symphonic orchestra of a philharmonic society, conductor Sauljus Sondetskis. In the program - Mozart. On April, 22nd - a concert of the Petersburg easter musical festival: the Singing chapel under control of Vladislav Chernushenko will execute spiritual choral music. On April, 24th - a concert of the Academic symphonic orchestra of a philharmonic society. In the program - Dmitry Shostakovich`s music. Conductor Maris Jansons.
the SMALL HALL of the NAME of GLINKA: on April, 21st - Michael Gantvarg (violin) plays Beethoven. On April, 22nd - Mozart performed by an orchestra Classics under control of Alexey Kantorova.
SMOLNYJ the CATHEDRAL: on April, 22nd - chorus of boys Small singers of Monaco Will execute Haydn`s products, Sen - Sanz, Odds, Alena. On April, 24th - piano evening of Pavel Egorov. In the program - Schuman.
the BIG CONCERT HALL OCTOBER : from April, 19 till April, 23rd Efim Shifrin`s concerts.
the PHILHARMONIC SOCIETY of JAZZ MUSIC: 21, on April, 22nd and 23 evenings of a traditional jazz, acts Leningrad Diksilend on April, 22nd - a piano jazz, a trio Ars - It is new under control of Peter Korneva, Vladimir Lytkina`s ensemble, soloist Tina Kalliomjaki (Finland) on April, 24th acts, David Goloschyokin takes part in a concert.

SANKT - Petersburg
in the House of the Actor opens on April, 19th scientifically - creative conference Alexander Ostrovsky and Petersburg .
on April, 20th in the House of Cinema presentation of German firm Hans Baum .