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SHOWROOM RAMENKI (street Ramenki, 6, a building 2; bodies. (095) 931 - 36 - 44): the personal exhibition of painting of Alexander Yakushkin today starts to work.
In MHATe of Chekhov today - the play of Paulja Bartsa the POSSIBLE MEETING directed by Sergey Dolgacheva. Roles execute Oleg Efremov, Innokenty Smoktunovsky and Stanislav Ljubshin. On April, 18th - A.N.Ostrovsky`s play TRAGEDIANS And COMEDIANS . Director Nikolay Skorik.
In MHATe it. Bitter today - Ostrovsky`s play EVEN A WISE MAN STUMBLES . On April, 18th - Michael Bulgakov`s comedy APARTMENT ZOJKINA directed by Tatyana Doroninoj. The Leading role is executed by Tatyana Doronin.
in Lenkome today and tomorrow - performance the PRAYER FOR THE DEAD Grigory Gorin`s play (on products by Sholom - Alejhema) directed by Mark Zaharova. The Leading role is executed by Evgenie Leonov.
at theatre the Satyricon today - Jean Eugene`s play SERVANTS directed by Roman Viktuk. Alla Sigalovoj`s choreography. Roles execute Alexander Korzhenkov, Sergey Zarubin, Alexander Zuev and Vladimir Bolshov. On April, 18th - joint statement of Theatre of Anton Chekhov and the Satyricon performance SIRANO DE BERGERAC under the play of Edmona Rostana. Director Leonid Trushkin, Leonid Andreeva`s scenography. The Leading role is executed by Konstantin Raikin.
In the Movie centre on Presne on April, 18th - a film BOYS on motives of the novel of F. M.Dostoevsky Brothers of Karamazovy . Directors of Renita and Yury Grigorievs.
In the Kremlin palace today and tomorrow - Alexander MALININ`S BALL .
At Variety theatre today - creative evening of the poet and composer Andrey Nikolsky. On April, 18th - a concert Viki Tsyganovoj.
In the big hall of Conservatory on April, 18th the Russian national orchestra will execute Beethoven`s products.
in the Concert hall of Tchaikovsky today - EVENING VOCAL And the ORGAN MUSIC. Eric Kurmangaliev (alto) and Lyudmila Golub (body) will act. On April, 18th - EVENING of the ORGAN MUSIC. Harry Grodberg and children`s choral studio Pleasure will execute Mendelson, Bach, Frank, Schuman`s products.
SANKT - Petersburg
In the Jazz - club today - EVENING of the MODERN JAZZ. Andrey Kondakova`s ensemble will act.
Today in 18. 00 at a cinema Moscow evening " will take place; the FIRST FILM SESSION In Russia . The first films of brothers Ljumerov, Andrey Tarkovsky, Andrey Konchalovsky, Nikita Mikhalkov, Vasily Shukshin theses will be shown. Also Alla Surikovoj`s film " will be shown; the Person from parkway of Capuchins .
In the Bolshoi theatre today CREATIVE EVENING of ELENA EXEMPLARY.