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The director of firm " is plundered; Effect

the Servant has opened a door to gangsters

in the Evening on April, 15th in municipal department of militia CHertanovo - Northern the general director of known firm " has addressed; Effect Alexander Ekelchik who has declared that in the afternoon its apartment has undergone to gangster attack.

Already long enough firm Effect pursues ill fate: at first the militia incriminating to a firm management " has interfered with its activity; the maintenance of brothels, procurement and involving in prostitution of minors then the commercial director of firm has been killed, and here the apartment of the general director at last has undergone to a touch.

small private enterprise Effect it is registered in January, 1992. An activity principal view - rendering eskortnyh services (Creation of a female society for men).

According to the victim, nearby 15. 00 in its apartment have called. The servant g - on Ekelchika has opened a door, and four men have rushed into apartment and the woman. Robbers have connected it and have stolen 15 Japanese videorecorders Orion, about forty various gold products, two Japanese TVs, the copier and five mink fur coats. Having finished operation, criminals as assumes a consequence, have disappeared on several cars.
Having come back home, g - n Ekelchik has found out the connected servant in the devastated apartment. Having released it, the head of firm has immediately reported the matter in militia.
according to one of the field investigators leaving on a scene, criminals operated on navodke. And presence among them the woman indirectly specifies in its possible communication in the past with firm Effect . It is not excluded, what exactly it has handed over Apartment of the general director, trying thus, probably, for something to it to revenge. Remains a riddle as criminals managed to take out from apartment stolen so that neighbours g - on Ekelchika have noticed nothing.