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In shopping centre shop Pure ponds (Moscow, street Mjasnitsky, d. 26, bodies.: 923 - 06 - 73) the fashionable clothes from Italy yesterday have arrived. The elegant double-breasted man`s suits sustained in classical style, are executed from wool or artificial dense silk, in grey scale of various shades. All models stand on $207.
Strict refined ladies` svingery chocolate colour there are $206. Ladies` brjuchnye suits in pastel tones consist of a jacket without a collar decorated with buttons of type bezhu and gold a brooch, and trousers of moderate width ($156 - $185).
the Footwear
can be bought Man`s and female footwear of the Italian manufacture today in shopping centre shop Pure ponds (see above). Man`s boots - the inspector (osenne - a spring variant) are offered in brown and it is dark - claret variants ($37). Experts mark modelling man`s boots on the leather sole, executed of a qualitative soft skin of brown colour which stand on $3 more expensively inspectors .
Young ladies can buy here for $50 demi-season boots of a silhouette kazachok from a skin palevo - brown colour with boiled effect.
home appliances
In shop neglinka (Moscow, the Kuznetsk bridge, d. 9/ 10, bodies.: 924 - 06 - 60) of 350 l at the price of $945 have arrived dvuhkompressionnye refrigerators of manufacture of Danish firm Vestfrost in volume. Also here it is possible to get the refrigerator in volume of manufacture of 440 l firms Nobel (South Korea). The internal surface of the refrigerator is covered by bioceramics that ice was not formed, also the conditioner and the device are built in the refrigerator, killing microbes in products. There is this refrigerator of $1336.
Sewing-machines and overloki German firm Pfaff are offered today by the Italian trading firm medio (Moscow, the All-Russia Exhibition Centre, peahens. optics bodies.: 155 - 86 - 63). Five - and chetyrehnitochnye overloki stand DM1450 and DM1370 accordingly.
the computer prefix to the sewing-machine allows to carry out not much few hundred seventy seven operations. There is this automatic machine DM2630.
In a perfumery hall of shop the Large village (Moscow, street Baumansky, d. 33, bodies.: 265 - 11 - 01) for the first time in the Russian market there was a perfumery of manufacture of rather popular firm Berdous in France. Eau de toilette Folie Bleue with thin spring aroma especially will approach, according to firm - the manufacturer, to blue-eyed blondes (100 ml - $30). Also here it is possible to get spirits Violets of Toulouse with characteristic fialkovym a smell (50 ml - $25). The design of a bottle of these spirits, representing a hat box with satiny ribbons, did not change from the XIX-th century end.
also firm Berdous represents the diversified creams. For $16 it is possible to get creams against the wrinkles, toning up zhenshenevyj and the collagenic soft nutritious. The night cream from avocado costs $14, and softening for the person - $12. All creams in packings on 20 ml. The milk coconut, collagenic or flavoured by rose-petals for a body here can be bought for $9 (100 ml). The milk for make-up removal specially to each type of a skin costs $7,25, means for removal of a make-up from eyelids from pink and cornflower-blue additives - $4,25. For scalp decolouration on the person special the cream ($10,5) and gel ($10), and for removal of hair - a cream - depiljatory ($7) here are offered.
the French firm Paco Rabanne in this shop is presented by eau de toilette for women and for men. To ladies are offered La Nuit and Calandre (30 ml - $20), and to men - Paco Rabanne pour Homme, Sport and Denere (50 ml - $20).
And which - that else
In the trading house Moscow (Moscow, Kutuzovsky avenue, d. 31, bodies.: 249 - 91 - 59) the Italian warm bilateral coverlets of the most different sizes and colouring have arrived. They can be used and as a blanket. The tone cores - white, blue, brown, pink with abstract or large flower drawing. One of coverlets is decorated by pair of charming angels. Depending on the size (180250 sm, 220240 sm and 230250 sm) coverlets stand from $43 to $45.
In shop have arrived also plastic raznofunktsionalnye little tables of black and white colours (Israel). Dumbwaiters on castors with two shelves are supplied for convenience by bow-shaped handles ($37). The set of rectangular little tables for coffee with usual motionless legs consists of three tables different in the size with which can use depending on a situation and quantity of visitors present behind a meal ($49). The coffee little table with a round table-top costs $35.
For $23 it is possible to get so-called interernye tables which are recommended to be used for natural flowers, the mobile design allows to transform them to the whatnot consisting of three shelves.
Here all you receive the catalogue of firm Sony for $1 1992/ 1993.
in shop the Large village (see above) besides perfumery and cosmetics the Italian costume jewellery made of silver 975 - j tests with gilding has arrived. The diversified weaving of a chain there are here from $5 to $30, and narrow and average width chained bracelets - from $5 to $20. Earrings in the form of flat and volume wrong polygons, exotic colours and fantasy figures stand from $1,75 to $20.