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The thief of 300 million roubles

to the Organizer of swindle is detained it was possible to disappear

Yesterday police officers one of thieves of 300 million roubles whom, being the chairman of a country economy " has been detained; Tajmyr in the Tula area, together with the director of joint-stock company Inter - the Shaft received under fictitious contracts an advance payment on delivery of cars from - for borders.

Employees of management on struggle against economic crimes of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow had been revealed plunder of money resources in especially large sizes by assignment of an advance payment by the general director of joint-stock company Inter - the Shaft the Ukrainian citizen Yury Karpenko.
in December of last year Yury Karpenko, together with the chairman of the board of the Country economy Tajmyr (The Tula area) g - nom Ogaja, has concluded a number of fictitious contracts with the various organisations on delivery of cars from - for borders. As a result on the joint-stock company settlement account Inter - the Shaft it has been listed more than 300 million roubles of an advance payment which g - n Karpenko has managed to cash through various commercial structures and to appropriate. After that g - n Karpenko has disappeared in the unknown person while a direction.
to workers of militia of Moscow, together with colleagues from the Tula area while it was possible to detain only the accomplice of fraud g - on Ogaja. At a search on its apartment it is withdrawn 2 million roubles by cash, and into accounts Tajmyra and Inter - the Shaft arrest is put.