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Yeltsin has signed the decree about preparation of the Russian Olympians

President Boris Yeltsin has signed the decree about preparation of the Russian sportsmen for winter Olympic games in Lillehammere (Norway) of 1994 and the summer Olympic Games - 96 in Atlanta (USA).

In the document signed by the president it is entrusted to all interested departments to create a most favoured nation treatment for preparation of the Russian Olympians. In particular, commercial programs of the Olympic committee and National fund of sports have received privileges in the taxation and the customs duties.

Bekker and Garlic leave struggle
the open championships of Hong Kong and Nitstsy (France) on tennis (prize funds of both tournaments make on $300 000) Proceed. In Nice as informs ITAR - TASS, Boris Bekker (Germany) and Russian Andrey Chesnokov have left the further struggle the fourth racket of the world.

Boris Bekker, within seven weeks not appearing on the court of - for illnesses, could not overcome the second circle of tournament in Nice. He has lost to the Argentinean Ex Devinu with the account 6:4, 3:6, 1:6 and has left the further struggle. The eighth racket of the world Ivan Lendl (USA) easily - 6:2, 6:2 - has won against other Argentina participant - Gabriela Markusa. The Czech Peter Korda (the fifth racket) has inflicted defeat over German Dirku Diru with the account 6:3, 6:7 (5:7), 6:1. Has left struggle 27 - summer Muscovite Andrey Chesnokov who in 1989 became the winner of this tournament. It has confidently begun a match against the third racket of the world - Swede Stefana Edberga - and in the first set even conducted in the account 5:2. However its eminent contender has evened up scores and has won on thaw - a break 7:3. In the second set the initiative has completely passed to the Swede - 6:2 in its advantage. The sensation on tournament was made by Mark Gelner (95 - I a racket) from Germany: with the account 6:2, 6:4 he has won a victory over the owner competitions of Arno Betchem, posejannym here the sixth. Defeat with the devastating account 1:6, 3:6 Croat Goran Ivanishevich (6 - I a racket) in a match with Argentinean Gilermo Peres - Roldanom (60 - I a racket) was unexpected also.
In a tournament quarterfinal in Hong Kong left 21 - summer American Pit Sampras (the first racket of the world). In the second circle he with the account 6:3, 6:4 has won against German tennis player David Prinozila. Very difficult victory over Australian Todd Vudbridzhem - 7:6 (7:2), 7:6 (7:0) - was gained by Sampras`s compatriot - the ninth racket Michael Chang. The fifth Brad Dzhilbert has left struggle posejannyj here. It has conceded to Dane Kenneth Karlssonu with the account 6:4, 6:4.

the Championship of France on tennis will be extremely representative
In the beginning of June in Paris on courts Roland Garros will pass the tournament of the Grand Slam second in this season - the open championship of France. According to REUTER, he promises to be extremely representative.

as the representative of the French tennis federation, from 104 strongest tennis players of the world only has declared one - the legendary American John Makinroj who is for today 39 - j a world racket, will not accept participation in the open championship of France. The veteran, on - visible, seriously thinks of leaving from big-time sports. Its place will occupy 105 - I a racket - the Czech tennis player Daniel Vasek. In the female category on courts Roland Garros, alas, will not act veteranki tennis - Martin Navratilova`s Americans and Pem Shrajver and the Czech Helena as Sukova.

the Third stage of Indikara will pass in Long - the Scourge
the third stage of the American races of a series of Indikar on April, 18th will take place. They will pass this time in Long - the Scourge (California). A line of 1. 676 miles (1 =1. 609 metres) will pass on city streets. While in the general offset with 32 - mja points is in the lead Mario Andretti (USA) supporting command Lola - Ford.

the third race of a series of Indikar of a season of 1993 will take place on April, 18th in Long - the Scourge (California). The length of a line which will pass directly on city streets, will make 1. 676 miles. The winner of the first race in Australia Englishman Nigel Mansell supporting command Newman - Haas, at the second stage in Arizona where competitions passed on an oval line, has had an accident. But, fortunately, the world champion in the Formula - has got off 1 last year with insignificant traumas and is going to take part in Sunday competitions. In the general offset Mansell and Brazilian Raul Bozeli (Lola - Fords), typed on 21 point, divide the second and third places. On 11 points they lag behind winner Valvoline - 200 and the leader in the general offset 53 - summer American Mario Andretti (Lola - Ford).

golf News
In the Japanese city of Kimamoto, according to REUTER, were started by tournament on golf Bridgeston Aso Open with a prize fund $614 000. The first circle of competitions has passed on April, 15th.

in Kimamoto (Japan) on Thursday has passed the first circle of tournament on golf Bridgeston Aso Open. Owners make a great bulk of participants. In leaders there was Tetsi Nishikava which have passed a field for 66 blows. On the second place with result of 67 blows - at once three participants.