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Column Misfortunes

In Nizhneingassky area of Krasnoyarsk region on Thursday there was the strongest fire. A flame zapolyhalo in 12. 40 in a warehouse shpalozavoda at ispravitelno - the labour colony which are settling down near to settlement Tirichet. From - for a strong wind fire was threw on located nearby turning shop, the consumer goods shop, two timber mills and a boiler-house which have completely burnt down. Quickly extending fire reduces to ashes 26 houses of inhabitants of settlement. Firemen do not exclude that the arson could become the ignition reason.

On Thursday in city hospitals of Makarovo located in 200 km to the north Southern - Sahalinska, with the diagnosis a hepatitis has been delivered 55 persons. An infection source became, according to local epidemiologists, substandard potable water from local system of water supply.

In settlement Bobrovsky of Sverdlovsk area on izoljatsionnom factory on Thursday early in the morning has thundered explosion. Incident happens in shop #1 where on not established while to the reason the copper for varnish cooking has blown up. As a result of explosion two persons were lost, the serious loss is caused to a shop premise.

in the city of Anadyr of the Magadan area in a kindergarten the Bear cub group disease by a salmonellosis is fixed. Among amazed - 50 children and seven employees. According to preliminary data, a cause of illness was non-observance of rules of hygiene in kindergarten nutrition unit.

on Thursday the fourth block of the Balakovsky atomic power station (Saratov region) has been automatically stopped. Till now at the newest and modern station with automatic systems of safety worked three blocks. New, the fourth, has been started in a test mode only on Wednesday. The stopped reactor after carrying out of debugging works is supposed to be started again.

Thirty persons were traumatised as a result of failure which was suffered by passenger plane DS - 10 at landing at the international airport of Dallas - American state Texas capitals. Soon after a landing at making flight from Honolulu (Hawaiian Islands) of an air liner on obscure while to the reason the nasal chassis has broken. As a result of it the last some tens metres of a landing strip the air liner on which board were 202 passenger and the crewman, has passed on a fuselage. The dangerous situation was aggravated also with that the plane made landing during a heavy rain.

one more aviaincident has occurred this very day in the United States: the fighter - a bomber military - naval forces of the USA And - 6 has faced in air the single-motor plane of agricultural aircraft spraying herbicides over fields in 64 kilometres to the south from the city of Spokane (State of Washington). The military plane went to the range located in the next State of Oregon for working off of technics of bombing. Both members of its crew, had time to catapult, have got insignificant traumas. The pilot of the single-motor plane has been taken to hospital in a critical condition and now is in resuscitation. Fragments of both flying machines filled with a flame have fallen in a wheaten field and have blown up. On an attestation of eyewitnesses, on a falling place the funnel by depth almost 10 metres was formed.

the plane the Instant - 21 Indian Air Forces has suffered on Thursday morning accident at landing to air base near the cities of Jodhpurs (state of Rajasthan). According to the official data, both were in it of the pilot were lost.

the number of victims of epidemic of a cholera steadily grows in Zimbabwe. For last week 14 cases of death from this horrible disease are registered. In total for today in the country 6677 cases of illness are registered.